105+ Best Yoda Pick up Lines (Star Wars, Dirty, Luke, Funny)

Here are the latest Yoda pick-up lines to use on guys. Who doesn’t like star wars and harry potter? Probably a lot of people, but if she likes baby Yoda knock knock, then you better start reading this enormous collection of Kylo ren Yoda pickup lines. These are some of the finest conversation starters and chat-up lines. Moreover, If you are confident enough, you can even use them as tinder starters to spice things up.

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Chessy Mandalorian Yoda Pick up Lines Tumblr

Are you related to Yoda? Because you are delicious.
I can make you breathe harder than Darth Vadar.
You’re as bright as a lightsabre. I saw you beaming from across the room.
Have you been looking for love in Alderaan places?
Tell me of this thing you humans call (pause) love.
Captain, being held by you is quite enough to get me excited.
Hey girl, are you a Jedi master? Cause Yoda one for me
Roses are red, Yoda is green, my lightsabre needs two hands if you know what I mean 😉
I would hit that like the side of a tree on Endor.
You stole my heart like the rebels stole the Death Star plans
I’ve been told my Jedi tricks will blow your mind.
Do you understand the binary language of moisture vaporators? Because I’d like to program your binary loadlifter.
I did the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, but I’m gonna take it slow with you.
Let’s role play. You be Darth Vader, and you can use all the force on me.
Looks like you’ve got your blaster set to stun . ’cause you’re stunning!
Obi-Wan told me to follow my instincts, and my instincts are all over you.
I know what you’re thinking: That’s no moon, that’s a space station!
I just got a big TV. Want to watch Star Wars and after a fight in the bedroom?
You, me, here. This couldn’t be any better if I programmed the holodeck myself!
I’ve been told my Jedi tricks will blow your mind.
I love you to the Death Star and back.
I am a Jedi master… I can teach you a great many things.
Are you baby Yoda? Cause you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
I must be from Alderaan cause you just blew up my world.
The power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of our love.
If you were my Padawan, I would teach you the ways of love.
I can’t help it — I am trapped in the gravitational field of your eyes!
When I saw you across the crowded cantina, my crotch felt like it went through an instant carbon freeze chamber
Well, aren’t you just a rebel? You stole my heart when you walked through the door.
I must be drawn to the force, ‘cuz Yoda only one for me.
I have a laser sword that could penetrate your body, but it wouldn’t kill you, but it would heal you.
R4 is red, R2 is blue. If I was the force, I’d be with you.
I like you so much that we should get matching Tatooine.
Every time I see you. The force in me awakens.
You stole my heart like the republic stole the Death Star plans.

Romantic Yoda pick up Lines Reddit

I sense much fear in you. But relax, only West End it is.
You can’t be a real stormtrooper. This photo of you shot me right in the heart, and didn’t miss it!
I could use the force to make sure we never divorce.
How about you dock your imperial star destroyer in one of my ports.
I’d join the dark side as long as you were there.
Can I see your garbage mashers on the detention level?
Did you know the French say orgasms are like little death stars?
Damn girl, you R2 fine, and you’re lucky I’ll give you the D2
Yoda only one I want to force choke.
Will you be my sex Yoda?
Unlike Han, I don’t shoot first.
Open up your hangar; my starfighter needs refueling.
How about you come back to my place so I can touch your naboobies.
Let’s go back to my Ewok village and yub nub all night.
Earth woman, prepare to be probed!
I want you to ride me like Luke rode his Taun-Taun.
They made a new color lightsabre called flesh… wanna see?
Baby, we don’t need a holodeck. I’ll make all your fantasies come true.
Will you be the Leia to my Han so I won’t have to be Solo?
I’d shoot my rocket in your thermal exhaust port.
The Death Star isn’t the only thing that will explode tonight.
I’m here to collect the bounty on dat ass.
Curse my metal body. I wasn’t fast enough!
I can make you breathe harder than Darth Vader.
Don’t worry, baby, if I get tired, there are 3 million more of me.
Make you horny, my ears do.
Knock Knock! Who’s there? Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda, who? Baby Yoda one that I want.
Hey girl, are you related to Yoda? Cause yodamn fine
Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green, I wear suits, and I’m awesome. I’m your bro- I’m Broda!
How can you be from an ice planet when you’re so Hoth?
Take off your armor. No need to be a stormtrooper around me.
You’re hotter than the flames on Mustafar.
I may not be able to feel the force, but I wish I could feel you.
I did the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs, but I’m gonna take it slow with you.
When I Luke at you, I feel like I need to give myself a Han Solo.

Hilarious Yodalicious Pick-up Lines

Not a Dagobah that I don’t think about you.
I may look like an Ewok, but I’m all Wookie where it counts, baby.
Scanners show sexy life forms in this area… Oh, it’s only you.
Want to spend the night inside my tauntaun? I promise it doesn’t smell worse on the inside.
You know, they don’t call me Jabba the Hung for anything.
If I were a Jedi, would you be my strength?
Have you some Jedi in you? Like some in you, would you?
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good [insert man/woman/your name here] at your side.
You’re as manly as Han Solo, as smart as Yoda, as cute as an Ewok, as tough as a wompa, as awesome as Darth Maul, and as brave as Qui Gon Jinn.
[When getting a phone number] “Many Bothans died to obtain this information.
I’m here to rescue you. I’ve been told I have the cool sexual prowess of a Romulan.
Leia’s buns ain’t got nothing on yours, baby.
I could spend a millennium in your falcon
There’s an awful lot of moisture in here
I am C-3PO Human-cyborg sexual relations.
Many Bothans died so we could screw
I may not be Luke’s father, but I can be your daddy.
I find your lack of nudity disturbing
Not only can I beam you aboard, but I can also beam you a woody
I’m looking for a Jedi in the streets, but a Sith in the sheets.
Judging me by my size, do you? A gifted tongue, I have!
Nice buns, Princess! On your head, that is.
You like Star Wars? Let’s go back to my place and violate the Jedi Code.
I hope you’re into cyborg-human relations because I’m feeling like a machine right now.
It’s cold outside, baby. Let’s play Empire Strikes Back. You can be a Tauntaun, and I’ll get inside you.
I could get you undressed in less than 12 parsecs.
Why don’t we head to my bedroom, peel back my Star Wars sheets, and discover what a true Jedi can do with his lightsaber?
Are you Darth Vader? Because I wouldn’t mind if you used a little force to choke me.
You look strong enough to pull ears off a gundark.
I’m looking for a Jedi in the streets, but a Sith in the sheets.

The Bold and dirty lines may seem fun, but they can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable enough before firing one of these pickup lines.

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