99+ Weird Pick-up Lines for Guys (Strange Chat up Lines to flirt)

Check really strange weird pickup lines are getting popular and becoming common day by day to use on guys and for Tinder, Tumblr,best weird Pickup Lines for guys and Reddit. But, these strangest pickup lines are unique in their way. If you know someone that looks cute to you. And you have the intentions of dating but in some funny and unique way. Then, go with these creepy flattering lines.

Some of them are related to dark, offensive, death that makes others mad.

New Weird Pickup Lines to Use on Guys

Here we have listed some weirdest pick-up lines for Tumblr and RedditΒ 

I just want to change one thing in you. πŸ˜‰ You know what? Your last name. B-)
Hey! I am not a photographer by profession.πŸ€” But, I can picture yourself with me.:-P
Allow me to follow you. 😜 Our teacher told us to just follow your dreams. B-)
Girl! Your hands look heavy. I can hold it for you if you want. ^o^
Is your father a thief? Because I see diamonds in your eyes. 😎
I wish you have gravity. So that I can fall on you instead of earth.
I want to put my value in your equation. 😎 (^_-)
I have the polite dick. ^o^ It stands up so that you can sit. πŸ˜‰
Make all important dates of history remembered by going with me on those dates. (^_-)
Hey! I guess you have a sunburn. :-/ Because how can be someone so hot? :O
See, I am here. :-* Now tell me the other two wishes. ^_^
Be my nothing. Because nothing lasts forever.;-)
I wish I can take you to the cinema. :-\ But they don’t allow snacks. πŸ˜€
I think you hypnotize me. Because I can’t take my eyes off. B-)
That’s weird.:-/ I have never seen an angel walking before.:-P
Hey! What are you doing for the rest of your life?^_^ I want to be with you forever.B-)
Let’s do a deal. You make dinner for me and I will make breakfast for you.(^o^)πŸ€™
Can I borrow a kiss from you? I will make sure to give it back to you. :-* 😎
My feelings for you are not like a corona. You can’t protect yourself from my love by wearing a mask.
Hey! What was the condition of heaven when you left? πŸ˜‰
Sweeties don’t change your dress. Be undress. :O
I wish I have spectacles. So that I can see you with four eyes. πŸ˜›
It’s getting dark in my home. Can you come and lighten up my place. :-*
Hey girl! My name is Mr. Right. 😎 Someone told me you were looking for me? (^_-)
Do you know me? πŸ€” We have met in my dreams several times dear. ^_^
What if you are the burger of McDonald’s? πŸ€” Your name must be McGorgeous.B-)
Hey, help me. I get injured while falling for you.
Girl! You drop something [what?]:-/. Your crown. ^_^
My teacher said happiness starts with H. πŸ˜€ But, she was wrong. My happiness starts with U. :-*
I am not a miner but would love to dig you.

Strange Conversation Openers for Tinder

  • You are dangerous to others. Because you are a bomb
  • Let’s save water and bath together.(^o^)
  • Sweetie! On a scale of zero to nine. What is your contact number? 😎
  • You have solutions to all my problems.;-) Just like the backside of a math book.😘
  • What you want me to call you?πŸ˜‰ Because I want to scream your favourite name tonight. (^o^)
  • Smile is the second good thing you can do to your lips. B-) Kissing me is still number one. (^_-)
  • Sweetie!(^_-) You turn my floppy disk into a hard disk.^o^
  • I am feeling low. I guess I have a deficiency of vitamin U.^o^
  • Is your body from McDonald’s?πŸ€” Because I am loving it!;-)
  • Do you know why there is a gap in your fingers? πŸ€” These gaps are for my finger to slip in. B-)
  • Hey! Is your dad an artist? πŸ€”Because you are truly a masterpiece.^o^
  • I feel like you are wifi.:-{ Because I feel a connection with you.(^o^)
  • Be my Bluetooth so that we can be paired.:-*
  • You seem like a washing machine for me. 😜 Because I want to put my dirty load in you.^_^
  • Hey! This place is new to me. πŸ˜‘ Can you please guide me to your apartment?;-)
  • I guess you are my homework. :-\ Because I definitely have to do you. B-)
  • I have 206 bones in my body. :-/ Can you give me another one? πŸ˜›
  • If you were a vegetable, πŸ€” you would be cucumber for sure. :-*
  • Baby! I can be the soft pillow ^o^ for you on which you can sit. πŸ˜€

These weird pick-up lines are unique and funny in their ways. Try them out for a unique experience with your crush.Β 

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