33+ Best Terrible Pick up Lines (Stupid, Worst, Dirty Meme)

You can use Terrible Pickup lines to use on guys and Reddit or as tinder openers to melt the ice, but at your own risk, because using these chat-up lines as your conversation starters might change the whole scene. You may get a big laugh or a slap on your face!

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Most Funny and Terrible Pick up Lines Reddit

I’ve got everything under control. Do you want to be a part of it?
Are you a girl who cares about everything? I can allow you to take care of me.
Do you go by the name Winter? Because you’ll be here shortly.
Do you wish to sin preparation for your next confession?
I’m not a big fan of sunsets, but I’d love to see you fade away.
Are you a test? Because I’ve been obsessively studying you.
Please let me know what time you’ll be back at my place.
Give me the keys to your car, so I can drive you insane.
Is Earl Grey your given name? Because you have the appearance of a hot-tea!
I enjoy my bed, but I’d prefer to sleep in yours.
Do you think you’re in a haunted house? Because when I’m in you, I’m going to scream.
I’m thirsty, and your body is 70% water.
Is it sweltering in here? Or is it you so hot?
Can I check your pants because I misplaced my keys?
Did you know my lips are like Skittles, and you’re about to have a taste of all the colors of the rainbow?
Is it necessary for me to sign for your package?
I know a fantastic way to burn off the calories in that beverage.
Please don’t get carried away, but do you want some?
Do you work in an elevator? Because I’ll stomp all over you.
Right now, you’re looking fantastic. What else do you think would look amazing on you? Me!
I want an A in school. I want to F with you.
Did you start your day with a bowl of Lucky Charms? Because you appear to be magically delectable!
The color red is associated with roses. Violets are a good choice. You’ll be the number six. I’m going to be number nine.
Do you consume soda? Because you have such a delectable appearance.
That’s a fantastic shirt you’ve got there. Is it okay if I try it on after we’ve had sex?
I want to make you mine, can we start with a kiss?
Is it okay if I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll return it.
Are you a blazing bonfire? Because you’re sultry, and I’m hungry for more.
I can lift your spirits if you’re down.
What are you doing in a filthy mind like mine, a nice person like you?
We were both born with no clothing on our backs.
I’m made of peanut butter. You’re made of jelly. Let’s get some sex going.
I’m not in the mood today. Is it possible for me to sense you instead?
I don’t think I want children, but I wouldn’t mind working with you to improve my baby-making skills.

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Is it true that you are my homework? Because I’m not doing you, despite the fact that I should.
Do you work as a drill sergeant? Because you’ve got my privates on high alert.
Do you have the ability to telekinesis? Because you moved a piece of me without even touching it.
Give me that booty and treat me like a pirate.
You’d be a damn-delion if you were a flower.
Let’s play a game on Titanic. You’ll be the iceberg, and I’ll be the one which sinks.
Is it better to start with dinner or go straight to dessert?
I was having a bad day until you came by and turned me on.
Do you have a name that begins with the letter “C”? If so, I can “C” us getting down.
I’m having difficulty sleeping alone. Is it possible for you to sleep with me?
You’re getting me horny, which may seem corny.
Showering together can help you save water.
I’m an explorer, and I’d like to learn more about you.
Do you want to spend half of your money on a baby?
If I were a judge, I’d put you in my bed.
Oh, it was you! I was wondering where that sparkling comes from.
I want to spoon you, so you must be yogurt.
You’d be guilty as charged if being sexy was a criminal!
My name isn’t Elmo, but you’re welcome to tickle me whenever you want.
Do you have the bounce of a trampoline? I want to bounce off of you.
Only latex should stand in the way of our love.
Do you enjoy eating bacon? Do you want to strip?
Because you’ve been running through my imagination all night, your legs must be fatigued.
It’s a nice outfit. Is it possible for me to persuade you to reconsider?
Is it okay if I borrow your lips?
The Roses are red. Violets are a blue color. I’m coming home with you.
You must have a light switch on my forehead because you turn me on every time I see you!
So long as we’re together,

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