27 Best Terrible Pick up Lines (Stupid, Worst, Dirty Meme)

Get the latest really Terrible pick-up lines to use on guys. There’s a lot of pressure to make that first line perfect whether you’re searching for a relationship or simply seeing someone you want to get to know Chat up lines have a poor reputation for being corny and cringe-worthy, but if you start a discussion with the appropriate amount of curiosity and comedy, you could obtain a date or a number on Reddit also. But You can get the new collection of flirting and terrible pick lines to use for conversation starters or tindder openers.

Whether you’re on an app or in person, introducing yourself to someone new is always nerve-wracking since rejection is always a possibility. The perfect, deliberately terrible pickup line may be a good way to break the ice and relieve tension. So go ahead and use one of these pick-up lines on your next crush.

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Latest Dirty and Terrible Pick up Lines

Some of Terrible Pick-up Lines are written below:

I’d have five pennies if I had a nickel for every time I saw someone as lovely as you.

I’d want to take you to the movies, but you can’t bring your own food.

Gillette must be your middle name. You’re the greatest a man can be!

You appear to be someone I know. Didn’t we share a class? I thought we had chemistry.

You and I are like jalapeno nachos. I’m very corny, and you’re super gorgeous, therefore we’re a match made in heaven.

Do you enjoy the Star Wars franchise? Because Yoda is the only one I have.


Feel my shirt, if you want. It’s made of boyfriend-approved fabric!

You’d be Optimums Prime if you were a Transformer.

Should I walk by you again, or do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m studying about historical milestones. Do you want to be one of them?

My phone number appears to have vanished. Is it okay if I borrow yours?

Are you the recipient of a parking ticket? Because it’s written all over you that you’re good!

Are you the one who invented the aeroplane? Because you appear to be exactly Wright for me!

I was hoping you would have an additional heart because mine was recently stolen.

Is it you, Siri? Because you’ve already filled in the blanks for me!

You’d have a dollar if I had four quarters to give to the four most beautiful women in the planet!

I’m going to think your middle name is Gillette. You’re the finest a guy can hope for!

I don’t mind getting lost at sea since your eyes are as blue as the Atlantic Ocean.

You’d be the McGorgeous burger at McDonald’s if you were a burger.

Are you a photographer? Because I grin every time I see you.

I’m hoping you’re familiar with CPR since you’re stealing my breath away!

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Terrible Flirting lines abound, and in a constantly evolving dating scene, you never know when they’ll come in useful. Now, typically, we would advise you to avoid terrible pickup lines, and we at Intelligence have had to really consider the question, “Do terrible pickup lines work?”

In summary, with more opportunities to flirt with a lady than ever before, a well-timed, sarcastic, or humorous pickup line might be exactly the thing to break the ice and start a discussion. So, whether you want to make a joke in your first DM or keep it light flirting with a female you’ve been talking to for long, terrible pickup lines are fantastic!


Why do people use such dreadful pick-up lines?

Bored Panda got out to Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man, to discover more about why so many people appear to rely on often terrible pickup lines on dating services. According to him, in order to obtain responses on dating apps, guys strive to stand out from the pack, which is why many individuals use terrible pickup lines.

Latest Terrible Pick up Lines (Stupid, Worst, Dirty Meme 2021)
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Latest Terrible Pick up Lines (Stupid, Worst, Dirty Meme 2021)
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