Best Sweet Tagalog Pick up Lines of 2022 (Funny, Cheesy, Flirty)

Check out the latest Sweet Tagalog Pick up Lines for your boyfriend Tagalog. Love is always sweet and incredible; sometimes, we experience bitter love as well. To avoid bitter love, we need special sweet chat lines to make our dating life sweet as honey. When your love is online, you can use sweet tinder starters or Reddit to begin the love game. Flirting is the first step towards true love, and to take the first step, we need perfect conversation starters to begin the love journey. Life is long with sweet and sour accidents; let’s make it a Sweet journey with sweet pick-up lines.

Funny but Sweet pick up lines for her

To impress a Sweet girl, you need sweet pick-up lines for her to start beautiful dating life; maybe these lines hit the exact target, and you can win a smile. 

Hi girl, there is something bright on your face, oh! It’s your smile.
I’m feeli5 so lonely, can we live together.
I love swimming, can I swim in your blue eyes?
Let’s play a game; if you lose, you are mine, and if I lose, I will be yours.
Hey beauty, be careful you seem light as a feather, and the wind is blowing.
Oh! I can’t open my eyes. Will you please stop smiling?
You are like a marshmallow over my hot chocolate drink.
Ouch! Your eye “ Bows” hit an arrow straight into my heart.
Your lips make me thirsty. Do you have some water?
Hello babe, I think I’m in love with you 
Can I keep you? My hobby is collecting cute little things.
Do you know you are the sweetest girl I have ever seen?
Please put your finger in my cup of coffee; I need some sugar.
Girl, I want to write a book on your beauty, but I think I don’t have enough ink.
Hey babe, are you Macdonald? Because I’m loving it.
“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I can never be without you.”
“Any woman who listens to a man is already half in love with him.
“I adore you in secret, between the shadow and the soul, as some dark things are to be loved. 
“Women are meant to be loved, not understood,” says the author. Oscar Wilde –
“You inspire me to strive to be a better man.
“Thinking about you keeps me awake at night. I can’t sleep because I’m thinking about you. “It keeps me alive to be with you. – Unidentified.

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Short and Sweet pick up lines for boyfriend;

I don’t say I love you because it’s second nature to me. It’s something I say to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I adore you for everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will become.
And then, all of a sudden, all of the love songs were about you.
I adore you more than words could ever express.
I wish I could go back in time. I’d find you sooner and adore you for a longer period.
Until I met you, I had no idea it was possible to adore everything about someone.
Have I told you how fortunate I am to be in love with you?
I’m delighted that I get to love you.
It was the simplest thing I’ve ever done to fall in love with you.
When you fall in love with someone’s personality, you become enamored red with everything about them.
I like how your eyes light up when you grin.
I adore you, utterly and completely.
There will be a point in your life when you are enamored with a single person. For me, it’s that moment.
I admire the way your eyes hold stories and the events that have occurred in your heart.
I like how your chuckle can brighten my day.
I wish you could see yourself through my eyes so you could realize why I like you so much.
I’m enamored with you and all the good things you’ve brought into my life.
One of my favorite things to do is to fantasize about you.
I discovered a piece of myself I didn’t realize was missing the day I met you
I admire you for our relationship and for bringing out the best in me.
I’m interested in you. 
You are a work of art that I could adore indefinitely.
I like you for your sense of humor, honesty, and patience.
I respect your sincerity, kindness, and, most importantly, your heart.
Your beauty drew me in, but I admire you for who you are and how much joy you’ve offered me.
I admire you for the beautiful person you’ve grown into.
You know everything there is to know about me. What I admire the most about you is your deep acceptance of me.
I admire how you deal with any challenge that comes your way. I’m so proud of you.
My esteem and love for you have grown tenfold as time has passed.
I adore everything and everything in between, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
I adore you because you are irreplaceable and irresistible.
Thank you for your unwavering devotion to me.
I could look for the rest of my life and never find someone as wonderful as you.
Everything I want to do is spend my days with you, laughing and admiring you.
Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. Every step of the way, I’ll admire you.
Every day, I look forward to seeing you. I’m so grateful that I get to spend it all appreciating you.
I love how you brighten up a space and, more importantly, how you brighten up my life.
Only twice in my life will I adore you. That is the case now and in the future.

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Cute and Sweet Tagalog pick up lines for him

Try these impressive sweet Tagalog pick-up lines for your sweet crush. Maybe you can convert your bitter life into sweet life with a sweet life partner.

Hindi ba ang perpektong krimen kung ninakaw ko ang puso mo at ninakaw mo ang puso ko? 
I love you with all my circle, not my heart. 
Dahil ang mga puso ay nadudurog, ngunit ang mga bilog ay nagpapatuloy magpakailanman.
 Gusto ko lang ipakita sa rosas na ito kung gaano ka kaganda.
 Ang pagkahulog para sa iyo ay magiging isang napakaikling paglalakbay.
 Mayroon ka bang mapa? Nawawala na ako sa paningin mo.
 Kumusta, nagsusulat ako ng isang libro tungkol sa mas magagandang bagay sa buhay at iniisip ko kung maaari ba kitang kapanayamin?
Maganda ka ba sa loob gaya ng sa labas? 
Walang salita sa diksyunaryo kung gaano ka kaganda. 
Paano magmahal ang ibang tao kapag ginagamit ko ang suplay ng mundo para sa iyo?
 Bakit ko gustong tumingin sa mga bituin kung kaya ko namang tumingin sa iyong mga mata?
Ang iyong mga mata ay kasing ganda ng paglubog ng araw.
 Maganda, nakapagpapalakas… Mahirap tingnan sa malayo.
 Sa sandaling makita kita, tumigil ang pagtibok ng puso ko.
 Nakakulong ba ang iyong ama? Dahil inagaw niya ang mga bituin sa langit at inilagay sa iyong mga mata.
 Ang ganda mo kaya nakalimutan ko ang pick-up line ko.
 Malamang na iniingatan ng Diyos ang anumang mas perpekto kaysa sa iyo sa kanyang sarili kung nilikha niya ito.

Trendy Sweet Knock Knock Pick up lines for Girl

If you are already bored with modern pick-up lines, try these sweet knock-knock pick-up lines and use them as a game.

Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Honeydew.
Who’s Honeydew? Do you realize how beautiful you look tonight, honey?
Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Ivan. Who is Ivan? Ivan is planning something dirty for you.
Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Candice. Candice, who is she? Do you think Candice Dick would fit in your mouth?
Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Howie. Who is Howie? How are you going to keep this affair a secret from your husband?
Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Amanda. Amanda, who are you? Your lonely evenings are ended, Amanda laid you.
Knock, knock knock. Is anyone there? Needle! Who’s the one with the needle? Right now, give the needle some love.
Knock on wood. Is anyone there? Al! Who is Al? If you open this door, Al will kiss you!
Knock knock on the door! Is anyone there? Ike. Who is Ike? Ike has the ability to rock your world, sweetie.
Knock on wood. Is anyone there? Pauline! Pauline Who? I believe I’m Pauline, and I’m madly in love with you.
Knock on the door. Is anyone there? Butch, Jimmy, and Joe are the three main characters. Butch, Jimmy, and Joe are three brothers. Who? Butch, wrap your arms around me, kiss Jimmy, and let’s go, Joe.
Knock on wood. Who’s there, who’s there, who’s there, who’s there, Honeydew! Who’s Honeydew? Honeydew, do you realize how beautiful you are right now?
Knock on wood. Is anyone there? I adore you. Who do I adore? It’s you, so don’t question who it is.
Knock on wood. Is anyone there? Juno! Who is Juno? Juno, Is it true that I adore you?
Knock on wood. Is anyone there? Greetings, honey bee! Who is this honey bee? Give me dem digits, honey bee a doll.

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