89+ Best Star Wars Pick up Lines for your Date (Cheesy, Flirty)

Check out the latest funny star wars pick up lines dirty to use on guys. If you have a beautiful smile and charming personality, you can use any chat-up line to make your date enjoyable. Star war is very popular among a new generation. If your date is a fan of Star Wars, you can use star Wars pick-up lines as your conversation starters to make them laugh. You can also use them as tinder starters to make it environment-friendly. So put your flirting skill to work and play all it cool. 

Terrible Star Wars Pick up lines for Guys

The Millennium Falcon isn’t the only one who can do it in under 12 parsecs.
Would you be my strength if I were a Jedi?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sense the Force within you?
Are you a Star Wars fan?
Yodalicious is a delicious word.
You can’t possibly be a real stormtrooper because this photo of you hit me squared in the chest and didn’t miss!
In bed, I’m not going to shoot first.
Are you from the planet Tatooine? I’m a Moisture Farmer, after all.
The ability to destroy a planet pales in comparison to the power of our love.
Let’s play Empire Strikes Back because it’s freezing outside. I’ll go into you if you’re a Tauntaun.
Tonight, Han Solo isn’t the only one who will be stabbed.
If you could join me, that would be fantastic.
Knock on the door! Is anyone there? Yoda, the child.
Who is this Yoda kid? I’m looking for a Baby Yoda.
Isn’t being a stormtrooper a little seductive?
Knock, knock, knock. Is anyone there? Obi-Wan.
Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi? For me, you’re Obi-Wan!
I’m looking for a new girl because I’m sick of doing it with Hans Solo.
Scanners reveal a plethora of seductive life forms in this area… oh, it’s just you.
Hey, girl, they call me Red Five because I’m always late.
You can slash my belly up with my lightsaber and burrow in for warmth after I’m done.
That isn’t a moon, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was?
We don’t need a holodeck, baby. I’ll fulfill all of your wishes.
I’m glad I’m not a redshirt because you’re the worst.

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Hilarious and Dirty Star war pickup lines;

Let’s taste some dirty star war pick-up lines Tumblr to change the game. If your crush is a big fan of Star Wars, you will get a big laugh; dirty pick-up lines are funny but don’t use them in real life. But still, if you want to use them, use them at your own risk!

I’ve been seeking an Ewok, and you’re the one I’ve found.
Do it or don’t do it. There is no such thing as a handjob.
Are you females on the lookout for love in Alderaan…?
Are you a fan of the star War? What a coincidence , me too. Why don’t we date together
?On Illum, your smile is brilliant than a cyber crystal.
Do you want to make some Star Wars roleplaying, girl?
I’ll pretend to be Han Solo and slice you open so I can crawl inside.
Being held by you, Captain is enough to pique my interest.
Are you a Tatooine native? You’re hot, that’s why.
Do you consider yourself a Sith Lord? I’ve fallen in love with you.
You have a place up here in the skies with us.
I may look like an Ewok, but when it comes down to it, I’m all Wookie.
I’m having a lot of trouble… in my pants.
I’m getting you wet. Therefore I guess I’m still a moisture farmer.
Princess, your buns are lovely! I mean, on your head…
Let’s blow this thing up and go home, kid!
Do you want to see what levitation can do for you?
I’d like to see the insides of your Taunton, regardless of size (spoken in a Yoda voice).
Wonderful young lady. I’m going to kill you, or I’m growing fond of you.
Luke Skywalker is my name. I’ve come to save you.
(Leering) The princess will not be able to flee this time.
… [sidling up to your sexy prey]… With this one, the Force is strong.
Are you going anywhere by yourself? ………………………… Do you want some company?
You’re a fantastic young lady/man. I’m going to kill you, or I’m growing fond of you.
Stormtrooper armor is very nice. It would look even better on the floor of my bedroom.
I’m not a bad pilot myself… when I’m in bed.
If you don’t want to date me, don’t date me. There is no such thing as ‘simply friends.’
It appears that you have your blaster set to stun… because you are stunning!
In less than twelve parsecs, I could have you undressed.
You’re a badass, child! It’s a one-in-a-million chance!
Let’s break the Jedi Code, darling.
I knew you were more than just a moneymaker!
I am a master Jedi.

Naughty Star war Pick-up lines Stormtrooper

If you are not interested in a bad one, you can use these clean star wars Flirting lines to melt the ice. Feel free to use them and have fun!

Don’t get too smug, child.
Flyboy into the trash can.
This isn’t the right droid for you. Move along, move along
You must learn control, control, control!
Isn’t it true that you’re a tad short for a stormtrooper?
Please don’t trust your sight since they can fool you.
Hey, move that object to a different location!
On top of that, I felt they smelt horrible from the outside…
We’re condemned to fail.
Baby, you’re the Obi-Wan for me!
She’ll be giggling uncontrollably as a result of this!
 Your eyes’ gravitational field instantly draws me in.
Any girl would go crazy for this.
You persuade me that there is such a thing as love among humans.
Another method for a stormtrooper to express, “I love you.
I sense the presence of the Force with you.
In case you were wondering, Force, equals love.
Damn lover, you’re in great shape!
If you texted this to your lover, they would be ecstatic. R2D2 is happy to assist!
Let’s bring all of our dreams to life! What are you waiting for, hmmm?
Because you just blew up my world, I must be from Alderaan.
Do you want to see my lightsaber?
Prepare to be investigated, Earth woman!
For me, you’re Obi-wan.
To the Death Star and beyond, I adore you.
This Han does not want to fly alone tonight.
I’m not going to shoot first like Han.
Is it possible for me to see your garbage mashers on the detention level?
My Jedi skills are said to be mind-blowing.
I may look like an Ewok, but when it comes down to it, I’m all Wookie.
Do you judge me based on my size? I have a great tongue!
They created a flesh-colored light saber…
Do you want to see it?
I may not appear to be much, but kid, I’ve got it where it counts.
Is there a lightsaber tucked inside your robe, or are you simply pleased to see me?
You’re hotter than Mustafar’s flames.
Because you just blew up my world, I must be from Alderaan.
In bed, I’m not going to shoot first.
Are you from the planet Tatooine? I’m a Moisture Farmer, after all.
I may not be able to sense the Force, but I am hoping to sense you.
Don’t worry; there are 3 million more of me if I get tired.
I’m normally Han Solo, but I’d be willing to let you use my lightsaber!

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