99+ Question Pick up Lines (Question Answer Chat-up Lines)

Is there someone cute, and you want to get them? These best question pick-up lines will firmly succour you to funny Question Pick-up Lines make them feel special and amazed. Some of them funny question answer lines to trick other guys. You can I ask you question cleverly words to impress.

These are the clever tricks to begin a smooth conversation with some unknown with dating intentions. The purpose of pick-up lines is to make them feel special.

Get Math Pick up Lines

Best Question Pick up Lines

Here is some math question pick-up lines to use on guys which could help you in getting the attention of that person.Β 

My eyesight is perfect. Then why I didn’t see you before? πŸ˜‰
Hey! My phone has some issues, can you check it?:'( It doesn’t show your cell number.(^_-)
Are you feeling lazy? :-/ Let’s be productive by some up and down exercise.πŸ˜‰
Can I have your car keys? πŸ€”Because I want to drive you crazy. 😎
Are you interested in business? πŸ˜€ I want to trade my pearls in your territory. ^o^
Do you have invisibility power? Because I can’t see anything except you.
Are you the coronavirus? Because I can’t save myself from you.
Do you have some magnetic powers? Because you keep on attracting me.
Do you have a compass needle? Because I lost track after seeing you.
Are you an elevator? πŸ€” Because I can go up and down on you. B-)
Your work is getting stressful. Do you want some relaxation massage?Β 
Are you tired right now? Because you did a lot of hard work in my dream.
Are you a believer in love at first sight? (^_-) Otherwise, I have to walk in again. :-{
Hey! Are you tired? (^_-) Because I can lift you for your ease. (^o^)
Do you believe in falling madly in love? I believe I could fall madly in bed with you. β™₯️
Do you like cozy places? Because my bed can be a perfectly cozy place.Β 
Can you give me a small space in your home if I became jobless? Because your thoughts distract me during work.
Are you a sun? Because I feel hot near you.
What if I get diabetes? Because it is getting difficult to handle your sweetness.
Can I have the directions to your heart? πŸ˜‰^_^
I guess I forgot my phone somewhere. :-\ Can you please give me a miss call? πŸ€™
Are you a human? Because I am amazed to see an angle walking.πŸ€”
Hey, are you feeling down? Because I can feel you up. :-*
How about I show you my digging abilities? πŸ˜›

Trick Question and Answer Conversation Starter Lines

  • Are you psychiatric? Because I feel your beauty hypnotize me.
  • Hey, you want to have dinner first? Or we can go straight to the room for a dessert.
  • Do you have an inhaler? πŸ€” Because you just took my breath. πŸ˜€
  • Hey! Your name must be the angle? Because I can’t imagine anything lower than this for you.
  • I am on top of things. (^o^) Would you like to be one of them?😎
  • Have you got some electrical powers? Because you turned me one.
  • Are you the fresh air? Because you just blow me away. (^_-)
  • Do you like to explore things? Because you have a good chance to do so with me.
  • Do you have a name? πŸ€”Otherwise, I have to call you mine.^_^
  • You know what will I do if I became a judge? Sentence you to my bed for being that hot. (^_-)
  • Are you an exam? :-\ Because I can study you like crazy. :O
  • I am confused that is it hot here or is it just you? B-)
  • Can you please put a band-aid on my ankle? :-{ Because I got injured while falling for you. πŸ˜€
  • Are you like stars? Because your presence twinkles my mind.Β 
  • Do you have pretty skin just like your face? Because you have to show me the evidence.
  • Hey! Can you be the mother of my kids?
  • Do you know your outfit is great? But it will look even more good on my bedroom’s floor.
  • Hey! How can you look damn gorgeous?
  • Do you believe in astrology? Because I can see you in the future.
  • Do you have an extra heart? :-* Mine is just stolen, girl! 😎
  • Do you like baby girls? Because I can see my beautiful daughter in you.
  • Hey, what are you do for a living?πŸ€” Expect from being sexy. ^o^
  • You should come at night. You know why? Because you are as beautiful as the moon.

These flirty, funny, and romantic question-answer pick-up lines are best for you. These will amaze your crush and helps in starting the conversation with them.

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