45+ Trendy Pirate Pick Up Lines (Dirty/Booty/Corny/Clean Lines)

Did you want pirate pick-up lines in the dating field? AMMM… sound romantic, A Pirate is a robber, Travels through water, and robbed others. If you want to be a pirate in flirting lines clean, follow those chat-up lines to start your conversations and target women’s hearts. If you are attending a pirate show, here is the compiled list of chat-up lines your dads for you to use as your tinder starters. It will be impressive if you use some pirate-related chat lines on such an event. You’re going to be blown away with these flirty tinder starters, and you’ll surely fall in love with them.

Dirty Parrot Pickup Lines List

Arrrrgh, have you ever seen a pirate using aye phone.
I am a pirate, and I never have a deficiency of vitamin sea.
Hey, want to play a card game? Playing a card game with a pirate is a risky affair. We always stand on the deck.
I can hit the highest sea note with ease because pirates are good at singing.
I want to swim in your ayes. I’m a pirate. I am a good swimmer.
When people saw the pirate arrr..riving they decide to rush.
Girl, you are like an ocean, and the ocean never says anything to the pirate. It just waves.
I want to make an aye to aye contact with you.
My favorite exercise is the plank because pirates love to work out.
Pirates are tough and strong. I can rock your bed tonight.
I can solve your math problem because pirates are always trying to find out where X is.
I wouldn’t say I like arrr_gument.
Are you a pirate? Because pirates love to leave their aye phone off the hook.
Babe, wanna go down with me? A good captain goes down with his ship.
Hey Girl, all hands on deck.
Arg girl arg.
Arrrrrrr you free for tonight?
Aye, I guarantee ye, my ship was sunk when I saw you.
Oh, Girl, you unfurl my sale.
Babe, can I wear your patch?
Girl, make ya’ mind if the parrot watches?
I don’t think ya ever met a man with a real yardarm.

If were a Bad Gay Pirate pick up lines

Hey babe, would you like to scrape the barnacle off of my rudder?
I’m about to swab your deck. I hope you like matey.
Do you like some pirate booty?
I hope you don’t mind if I drop anchor in your lagoon.
If you be my mate, I’ll be your captain.
I can give you a box of treasure.
Pirate Girl, you are as salty as the sea.
Wanna you hook up? Imma.. cut to the Chase.
It is the ‘X’ on the pocket of your pant. It appears that there is wond’rous booty buried underneath.
If we could Roger, it would make me Jolly.
Hey Girl, you are like a cannon on the pirate ship.
Lassie! Prepare to be boarded and  strike yer panties
That’s not a joke. My parrot thinks you are sexy.
Girl, you have got a treasure chest.
You can blow me down in the deck
Waah, we could fit 10 men on that chest.
Yo ho ho, let’s start with a bottle of rum.
Yo ho, we are about to get swashbuckler with this bottle of rum.
Do you want to blow my cannon on my ship?
I want you on my ship for cannon because you are a bomb.
Yo ho yo, I must be huntin’ treasure because I’m diggin’ yet chest.
Girl, I would like to pillage yer booty.

These conversation starters can be of great use for an event like “pirate day.” So do you want to know what did the pirate say when they saw their girlfriend? You don’t need to call a pirate for pirate conversation starters; my funny pirate chat up lines can help you.

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