60+ Pilot Pick up Lines That can make you Fly (Aviation Flirty Lines)

Check out the latest dirty Pilot pick up lines Reddit. Love can happen to anyone, whether it is a pilot or an air hostess, on the ground or in the sky, and For the beginning of love, it is necessary to have some chat-up lines in your mind. If suddenly you see your love at the airport and you don’t have anything to say, This will be a big loss for love. Read these best and unique cleaver pilot pick-up lines as tinder starters so that no chance is lost, and you can make a move anywhere and at any time. Touch the sky with these conversation starters and impress your crush with these dirty, cheese, sweet pick-up lines.

Flying Pilot Pick up lines for him

Is your runway ready to receive passengers?
Is it okay for me to ask you out on a date?
Do you want to be a pilot? I’ve arrived.
Would you like to take a seat in my cockpit?
You most likely fell from heaven and into my heart.
Is your runway ready for takeoff?
You don’t have to be concerned about bumpy rides. I’ll take care of everything.
Is it okay if I land right next to your seat?
Is it okay if I ask you out on the town?
Do you want to take a seat in my cockpit?
Is it possible for me to apply to be a regular customer?
What capabilities do you think I should have as a long-term customer?
I don’t need a complex navigation system to find my way to you, Girl; you make me lose control, and I’m crashing down hard on you.
I contacted to see if your runway was ready to take passengers.
I had no idea angels existed at this altitude.
I’ll give you control of the stick if you become my pilot.
Will you be my co-pilot on my 28th journey on the starship Earth?
Do you have permission to land close to your seat?
You have a very attractive figure, young woman.
You and I should leave right now and settle gently on my bed.
When I saw you, it caused turbulence in my heart.
You have snatched my heart, child.

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Are you interested in becoming a pilot? I’ll show you how to operate all of the necessary controls.
To get to your heart, I’m sure I’ll need a sophisticated navigation system.
Until my radar pointed in your way, I was lost.
If you become my pilot, I’ll give you control of the controls.
Why don’t you stay with me for a while before I send you home?
Will you accompany me to the mile-high club for supper?
At this altitude, I never expected to see angels.
I called to see if your runway was ready to take off.
You do not need to be concerned about bumpy trips. I’ll take care of everything.
Would you like to become a member of the mile-high club with me?
My heart was thrown into a tumult when I saw you.
Excuse me, sweety, but you’re as hot as a jet engine at full throttle.
Do you have a preflight, baby? I’d want to treat you to some chocolate.
You’ve snatched my heart, baby.
Please excuse me, but I believe you have taken over my heart.
Is it possible for me to join your frequent flyer program?
I’m sure I’ll need a well-planned route to get to your heart.
Are you willing to be my pilot? I’ll hand over the stick to you.
Would you mind if you stayed at my house for a few hours before I sent you home?
Will you visit my room and look at my E6B?
Is it okay with you if I ask you out on a date?
You’ve caused me to lose control, and I’m coming down hard on you.
Do you want to pretend to be a TSA officer and pat me down?
Is it possible that you’ve overstayed your visa? Because you’ve got the word ‘fine’ all over you.
Are you all set to board the ship?
I have the endurance of a jet engine.
Because airline food is always so bad, I always bring my food. Do you want a banana covered in hot chocolate?.
I wouldn’t be separated from you by a 9-hour time difference.
I despise red-eye flights, but for you, I’d fly all night.
Have those funbags been handled by anyone you don’t know? I’d gladly submit to a body scan if you were a TSA agent.
I don’t need to see your boarding pA$$ because you’re so attractant
Is it possible for me to claim your luggage?
It’s a good thing that’s not a wood detector since you’d keep me up all night if it were.
Together, let’s cross the international dateline.
Have you ever had problems sleeping on a train? [No] When we travel together, you will…
Is your father a pilot, as my heart is racing?
 A guardian angel. I’ve overheard deep space pilots discussing them. I believe they live on Iego’s moons. They’re the most stunning creatures on the face of the planet.
However, I’ll take a seat in your cockpit.
I’d like you to pilot me as if I were one of your massive robots.
Would you like to be the pilot of my autumn pillar?
I will be driving to Paso Robles next weekend to scout land for a vineyard… would you like to join me?
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