40+ Funny Perverted Pick up Lines (Dirty, Witty, Flirty Jokes)

Here are the new funny Perverted Pick up Lines to say to a girl. I know that you won’t admit it, but you love perverted chat-up lines. Most men and women enjoy these perverted thoughts. Why not use some perverted tinder starters to gauge their reaction. You can also make yourself unique, and it will be a legend if you can get a date by using perverted conversation starters. You can use dirty perverted chat lines at your own risk. And I am not responsible if you are slapped scares?

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Girl’ I’d love to travel with you, let’s take a trip to my bedroom.
Do you want to drop by and make a duet in my bedroom?
I am a yoga professional. I can give you a lesson tonight.
I’m sweaty and hot when I’m with you, is your name is summer.
Hey girl, do you want to go with me to clean? Because I plan to go dirty with you.
I love to touch your lucky charm. I am a leprechaun.
Come close to me. I want to show you my handsome face every day.
Hey babe, let’s play the Carpenter game, I will be a carpenter so I will nail you.
I’ll slam you all night long if you were a door.
‘Is that a keg in your underwear?’ Because I’d like to tap that a$$!
Could I meet you between Thanksgiving and Christmas if your right leg was Thanksgiving and your left leg was Christmas?
I can’t decide whether to mount or devour you since you remind me of a championship bass!
Because you are unique, your parents must be mentally ill.
Is it okay if I touch your belly button from the inside?
I’m not very strong at math, but shouldn’t U+I Equal 69?
I’m guessing your name is Anna? Kiss me if I am wrong.
Girl, you don’t need to find a chair, you can sit in my lap.
I want to kiss you on your lips every morning to wake you up. Will you be my snow white?
Can I call an Uber to take you home?
Do you believe what we are what we eat? I could be you by morning.
Boy: do you like to dance? Girl: no, I don’t want to dance with you. Boy: you must have misunderstood. I just want to tell you that you look fat in this skirt.
Roses are red, and violets are blue. I want to share my bed with you.

Cheesy Hot Perverted Chat-up Lines

Can I buy you a drink? Or are you a gold digger?
Hey girl, I’d like to screw your brain out. It appears that someone beat to it
It would be best if you were a visa because it’s everywhere I want to be.
I wish you were a window so that I could slam you all day.
Let’s play army, I’ll lay down, and you can blow the hell out of me.
Babe, we can start a band together, we could make like drums and bang all day.
Holy shit, my mom told me to avoid pretty girl, or I will be turned into Statue; actually, I can feel myself getting hard right now.
Let’s play doctor, doctor. You will be my patient, and I pretend to be a gynecologist.
I lost my pillow, will you sleep with me?
Oh! Nice pants, Do you mind if I test the zipper?
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Are you gay? No! Me too. Let’s have a date.
Do you like cute babies? Yes! I can make you pregnant.
Your parents are good at baking because you have nice buns.
Girl, I don’t care about your personality, as long you have this lovely face turn me on.
Babe, you are very similar to the weather in Florida, hot and nasty.
Girl, I want to put your dress on the floor.
I want to wear you like a feedbag.
Hey girl, take this bottle of wine. I will come back when you are drunk.
Girl, can you come with me to the cinema? My mother doesn’t want me to go alone.


Losers! Don’t be scared. It is not bad to say a perverted harry porter chat up lines to a woman unless you are demeaning and rude. Here are some top-class perverted conversation starters I hope you like.

One word from me, proceed with some extreme caution when using these perverted chat-up lines. But don’t stop yourself from flirting, because flirting is fun, and your luck might just shine with these conversation starters,

Don’t give up!

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