69+ Ocean Pick up Lines (beach, water, swimming Puns)

Are you looking for Ocean Pick-up Lines to propose girl on the beach while swimming? So here are some cool water-related chat-up lines to flirt with her. Love, romance, and happiness are the natural emotions of oceans. There is a big chance of success if you try your luck at the right moment and at the right time. Therefore, we are proud to present our collection of the best ocean pickup lines for conversation starters. However, you are not limited to use this treasure at the beach only. You can even use these cheesy and funny pick-up lines as tinder starters 2021.

Here are our top 35 best water pickup lines of 2021

I loved how your ocean blue eyes can glow like a peaceful sky and the long road of serenity.
I would cross these dangerous currents and the deep trenches so I can spend a day with you.
Let me swim the ocean and calm your tears with the hush of the corals and the seahorses.
Can you take our love and tuck it beneath this serenity in the hands of the king of the sea?
Let us make our ocean love go raging wild and listen to the lovely drowning memories of us.
I want to reach beneath the docks and scream for your love in the night sky and the blue sea.

Frank Hawaiian Pick-up Lines

I can swim into the ocean and look for the monsters who will distract and scare you all along.
I can go ride with the whales and whistle with the dolphins, so they can send my love to you.
You can wait for the time when the ocean is calm and the pelicans take us into our paradise.
Let me dance with the ocean waves and the music of fish swimming under the clear water.
Are you a shark? Because I got some swimmers for you to swallow.
I will do whatever it takes until I reach the depth of your ocean blue eyes and beloved soul.
We can dance right here or jump into the sea and waltz with the thousand mackerels.
You can feel this tension between us like the way we always feel the cool breeze of the sea.
We can stop all this chaos by diving right into the ocean and sing the protest song for all.
I can never imagine how we can dance on the dance floor full of barracudas and swordfish.
I hope I will not look like an awkward shark while we dance along with the fishes in the sea.
You can look right through my ocean blue eyes and see the serene love that you always wish.
We can dance along with the laughing waves and the smiling faces of the school of the fish.
Let’s go into the bottom of the ocean and build our kingdom with the corals and sea urchins.

Funny Beach Pickup lines

Excuse me, but do you like whales? (yeah, why) Because I was thinking that we could “humpback” at my place.
Gimme some fin. Noggin’. Dude!
Girl, you look ancient—considering we’re one of the oldest species on earth, that’s a compliment. (Turtle)
Anyone ever tells you, you’ve got one shell of a body? (Turtle)
Are you a sea butterfly? Because I’m caught in your trap.
Are you a shark? Because I got some swimmers for you to swallow.
Are you a whale? Because I like your blowhole.
Are you an archerfish? Because you just spit on me a little while you were talking, and I’ve fallen prey to you.
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Probably not, because of your protective shell. (Turtle)
Didn’t I see you on the cover of Marine Biology Monthly? (Octopus)
Do ya mind if I stick this under your mantle? (Octopus).
I will swim into the depth of your love until I can finally reach your heart and dance with you.
I can look for the heart of the ocean so that I can wish for your unique beauty and lovely smile.
You should never be afraid to stand up and protect your lovely soul against the sea monsters.
We can protect the heart of the sea while we wait for the guardians and monsters to come.

End words

With the right words and person, any place can become a beach. Even your living room, the bar, or even WhatsApp can complete the mood. This amazing collection includes effective chat up lines that you can use anytime, anywhere. Without any further delay so let’s get started.

Oceans and beaches are very romantic places for everyone. Such sites can set the mood in no time. Therefore, you can rely on our collection of authentic ocean pickup lines Tagalog when trying them out on your loved ones. However, make sure to use a conversation starter line before diving deep into the blue waters with your cheesy lines.

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