99+ Really Bad Pick up Lines for her/him (Tinder/Meme)

Get the latest internationally really Bad pick up lines to use on guys through Reddit and tinder as a conversation starter for him/her. Flirting is incomplete without chat-up lines and if you are a pro in flirting, check out these Really Bad Pick-up lines for conversation starters.

If you can get a big laugh, it means you are a legend of Reddit and tinder openers.

Intentionally Bad Bunny Pick-up Lines

Do you think you’re in a haunted house? Because when I’m in you, I’m going to scream.
Do you wish to sin preparation for your next confession?
You remind me of a candy bar: half sweet, half nutty.
Do you enjoy eating bacon? Do you want to strip?
You’re such a jerk. That body is yours for the rest of your life, and I only want it for one night.
Are you a fan of pancakes? So, how about IHOP on that blunder?
You appear to be the type of girl who has heard every word in the book. So, what’s another?
Mam, I’ll need you to take a step back from the bar. You’re melting the entire ice sheet.
My feelings for you are like loose diarrhea; I’m having a hard time holding it together.
You have more legs than a bucket of chicken, girl.
What makes love blink like a tiger? (Begin blinking as quickly as you can)
Are you a vampire musician? Because my organ is bursting at the seams with blood.
I just pooped in my pants, baby. Is it possible for me to enter yours?
Do you want me to buy you a drink or simply the money?
You have the appearance of an angel who has fallen from heaven and landed with its face on the pavement.
For a large girl, you don’t seem to sweat much.
Are you a Francophile? DAMN, Ma-DAM

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Cheesy Bad Girl Chat up Lines for her

Do you have a pick-up line that makes you squint and perhaps gives you the shivers? That’s a terrible pick-up line. It might be flirty, provocative, or just plain foolish

You look great in beer goggles, girl.
I find the fascinating aspect of a lady to be the boobies.
Sexually transmitted desire… for you is the only STD I have.
You remind me of two of my favorite alphabet letters: E Z.
I want you to abort my child.
I’ll give you $30. Talk to me after I’ve drunk until I’m incredibly attractive.
Are you from the Netherlands? Because you’re a massive dam.
Hey, I think I can run faster when I’m horny than you can when you’re terrified.
Have you got a boyfriend? That’s fine; I’m not a jealous person.
I swear I won’t record you sleeping and selling the video more than once on the internet.
Are you available tonight, or would it be at a cost to me?
Because I cannot reject you, you must have a p-value of at least 0.05.
I misplaced my keys. Is it okay if I inspect your underwear?
The medications, according to the doctor, were effective this time.
You have the appearance of a swan. Your legs are tiny, but your ass is fat.
What could be more romantic than roses on a piano?
On an organ, there are tulips.
It’s a nice package. Allow me to unwrap it for you.
Brrr! My hands are freezing.
Is it okay if I stuff them down your pants to warm them up a little?
I was having a bad day, but you made me feel better.
In the morning, how do you enjoy your sausage?
Is it scrambled or blown eggs?
My virginity was taken away from me. Is it okay if I borrow yours?
My body is made up of 206 bones. Do you want to give me another?
So that I know what to yell tonight, let me know your name.
Don’t get your hopes up, but do you want some?
Do you have a napkin? You’re drenching me.
You appear to be a dedicated worker.
I have a vacancy that you can fill.
I’d want to take your pencil out of your hand and place it in my pencil case.

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Worst Bad Boy Flirting Lines

If you want to pick up someone, you may use either funny or corny pickup lines. Alternatively, you can select any of the finest options. Don’t use poor pick-up lines or the worst pick-up lines you’ve ever heard! Using some of the poor Pick Lines may offer that person a negative first impression. You won’t be able to pick them up after that. Everything, even your image, is ruined.

Are those jeans from Guess? Who knows who wants to get into them.
Do you have any experience with carpeting?
Because I’m seeking a shag with a lot of depth.
Let’s meet for breakfast the next day.
Should I give you a call or give you a nudge?
Is it true that you just rang my doorbell?
You are welcome to come inside if you wish.
I’m not difficult, but you appear to be.
Do you want to play half-naked with a baby?
Do you enjoy Mexican cuisine? Because you’re making my taco hotter.
Your belt appears to be very tight.
Allow me to loosen it up for you.
Is it possible that you’re a light switch?
For the simple reason that I want to turn you on!
Do you want to kiss me like an Australian?
It’s like French kissing, but with a difference: you’re going down under.
What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
I prefer my plants to be fertilized.
Do they appear to be real?
Do you want to have a look?
I’m not Wilma Flintstone, but I can make your bed as solid as a rock.
Sex is a murderer.
Do you want to die with a smile on your face?
Do you know how to whip a person?
Do you want to eat burgers at In-and-Out or leave me alone?
Are you a light source?
I want to blow your mind.
Will you sleep with me, or will I have to tell my diary a lie?

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Have you ever used pickup lines for a long period of time and had no one reply positively to your messages? There’s a good chance you’re employing poor pick-up lines. If you are often rejected, you may get sad or have a negative impact on your self-image. So of the bad Pickup Lines for boys are:

Some of these pick-up lines may end up causing more harm than good. A simple pick-up line such as “Hi, you’ll do” might be just as offensive as “Is your last name Ritz?” Because you’re a genuine nut.”

Let’s face it. You could be out of the game if you have the guts to employ a cringe-worthy pick-up line.

Are you sick of hearing pick-up lines that are either corny or lovey-dovey?

Now it’s your chance to turn the tables! Let’s offer folks the polar opposite of what makes their hearts skip around with joy. This is the moment when nasty and insulting pick-up lines will rise to prominence and make a comeback!

Pick-up lines are available in a variety of hues and colors. They could be rude, insulting, offensive, gross, filthy, or uncomfortable. However, most of them are amusing. Just make sure you deliver them with the utmost precision and subtlety to avoid getting into trouble. Here are some pick-up lines that will make you cringe. At your own risk, read and use them.

Lines for a date have a terrible name for being corny and cringe-worthy, but if you start your chat with just the perfect amount of curiosity and humor, you could just land a date or a number. Whether you’re on an app or in person, introducing yourself to someone new is always nerve-wracking since rejection is always a possibility. The perfect, blatantly awful opening joke may be a good way to break the ice and relieve tension. So go ahead and use one of these pick-up lines on your next crush. Some of the best funny bad pickup lines are:

How can you make something corny enough that the other person thinks there’s some substance behind your one-liner, full of puns, essential facts about your cat, and vague compliments? We’re not sure how they do it, but they do. What we actually want to know is whether or not any of them have ever worked before. Was it only for the sake of irony?

So that concludes our list of bad pickup lines. We do not advise using these bad pick-up lines. Breaking Bad pick-up lines don’t always work, but they’re entertaining. A pickup line may elicit an eye roll, but it will also inspire laughs.

When is it OK to use pick-up lines on a girl?

If you speak them at the appropriate moment and in the right location, they will be effective. It’s important to remember that pickup lines are quite hit-or-miss. A female will either LOVE and think you’re hilarious with pickup lines or HATE and think you’re weird with nasty pickup lines. There isn’t much in between here. As a result, bear this in mind.

When should you utilize a catchy pick-up line?

There’s a lot of pressure to make that first line perfect whether you’re searching for a relationship—or just seeing someone you want to get to know. Pick-up lines have a poor reputation for being corny and cringe-worthy, but if you start your discussion with the appropriate amount of curiosity and comedy, you could score a date or a phone number.

Are there any pick-up lines that are both excellent and bad?

If you’re cute enough, a female won’t mind if you use terrible pickup lines. When you want to appear shy and nice, try trying bad yet charming pickup lines.

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