[99+] Best Nerdy Pick-up Lines (The Geekly)

The great nerdy pick-up lines have turned into a global phenomenon, with millions following the antics proposed by professionals. Even the lives of nerdy professionals and experts have evolved into romantic lives to get a happy ending. So, if you also want to flirt with the scientific facts involved, try out the great nerdy pick-up lines in an artistic way.

Before using nerdy pick-up lines, it is best to remember what the person actually nerds about. Every individual nerd out, whether it is a comic book, video game, or scientific subject.

We have compiled these pick-up lines so you can use them when you find your ion.

Science nerdy pick-up lines

science lines

The cheesy pick-up lines surely tickle and can get an easy laugh. Most one-liners and flirty people provide a great way to put a smile on the face of someone you’re dating. So, if you are looking for nerdy pick-up lines about Harry Potter, Stars Wars, Science, computers, or math, you are at an ideal place.

Is your nickname glucose? Because you’re pretty darn sweet.

I swear, I won’t take our love for granite.

I have my ion you.

I have all these extra electrons—mind if I give you some and create a spark?

Wow, you breathe oxygen too? We already have so much in common.

I’d call our bond covalent—it’s pretty strong.

If you love water, good news—you already love 60 percent of me.

Are you dopamine? Because you make me pretty happy.

Well, call me an archaeologist because I’m really digging you.

I wish Uranium and Iodine had similar atomic numbers—that way, U and I would be next to one another.

You seem really gneiss.

I went to the doctor and, turns out, I don’t have osteoporosis—you just make me weak in the knees.

Call me a proton—because I’m positive you’re the one.

Is this a chemical reaction? Because I feel a new bond forming.

Want to create a metamorphic rock with all this heat between us?

Are you an appendix? Because I think I should take you out.

Let’s treat this between us like Newton’s First Law and keep it in motion.

Are you a heart palpitation? Because you make my heart skip a beat.

Well, you must be the proton to my electron—because I’m attracted to you. Are you Carbon, Uranium, and Tellurium? Because you’re pretty C-U-Te.

science pick up lines

Literature Pick-up lines

Pick-up lines are often referred to as chat-up lines or conversation starters. These one-liners engage an individual in a sexual and romantic relationship. If you are familiar with romantic nerdy pick-up lines, go for the witty yet sensible pick-up lines.

Remember, all of the mentioned pick-up lines help to gauge the interest and attention of a person. But if you are straightforward about your intentions, pick up the dirty nerdy lines as mentioned below. All of these lines are ideal for risk-takers.  

literature pick up lines for dirty guys

I love you like an unspoken metaphor. That’s why I had to use a simile.

You’re like a dictionary — you add meaning to my life.

You look like you could brighten up a dark and stormy night.

I used to be able to recite the English alphabet before we met. Now, I can’t get past “u.”

Are you a library book? Because I’m checking you out!

Charles Dickens might have given you Great Expectations, but I can meet them.

Let’s skip the foreshadowing and get down to business.

If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print.

I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but one glance at you and I’m already interested.

It makes sense and sensibility for us to go out.

The worst of times became the best of times when you walked in. You’re like a dictionary—you add meaning to my life.

What are the odds of you being in my favor?

school nerdy lines

Computer nerdy pick-up lines

Pick-up lines are famous for being cheesy and flirty. However, using the pick-up lines does not mean they will work for sure. All you need to be realistic to achieve your goals. All of the nerdy pick-up lines give a great laugh and surely prove to be handy on various dating apps just like Tinder.

Our relationship is like a mouse—it just clicks.

Want to meet over some JavaScript later?

You’re an A++.

You can put down your firewall—I won’t hack your heart.

Wait, I think I have your email address already—isn’t it [email protected]?

Are you a computer keyboard? Because you’re just my type.

The only space that should be between us is the space bar.

There’s plenty of storage in my heart for you.

Are you hitting the F5 key right now? Because our conversation is refreshing.

I’d share my network with you any day.

I just searched my symptoms online and, turns out, I’ve been bitten by the love bug.

You’re the Internet to my Explorer.

I don’t think I can compress my feelings for you in one file.

You and Google have something in common: you have everything I’m searching for.

Don’t worry—our future date won’t clear all my cache.

Care to accept my cookies?

Are you Wi-Fi? Because I’m feeling a strong connection here.

My head is like a disc in a CD-ROM when I’m around you—constantly spinning.

I don’t want to .wav goodbye just yet.

Your homepage or mine?

computer geeky lines

Math Nerdy Pick-up lines

Yes, flirting is not as easy as it seems, especially when you are flirting with someone in person or over messages. There are many chances that one another may miscommunicate. To avoid any confusion, choose math nerdy pick-up lines that masquerade as witty ones. They will bring a smile to your face and prove to be successful according to the scenario. Just remain calm and do not overthink. Approach someone and get the best laugh.

maths line

I hear you like math, so tell me: what do you + me equal?

You’re pretty acute.

You’re sweeter than 3.14.

What do our love story and the number five have in common? They’re both rational.

I really don’t like fractions—will you be my other half and make me whole?

I hear you like numbers. Want to add yours to my phone?

Can you solve this equation: you + me + dinner Friday night = ?

I did the math, and it’s true: there’s a 100% chance of you and I going out this weekend.

I never was good at trigonometry, but I could study your angles all day.

Are you the square root of -1? Because you can’t be real.

Your beauty is unparalleled.

If you were a triangle, you’d definitely be acute.

What does our attraction to one another and 7x have in common? They’re both exponentially growing.

You know, in school I was always told to find x when doing math, but I’m glad I found u this time.

What’s your sine?

You must be a 90-degree angle because you’re looking right.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of numbers. The only one I really care about is yours.

You and a calculator have one thing in common: you give me the answers I’ve been looking for.

Our love is like dividing by zero—you can’t define it.

You and the number 28 have something in common—you’re both perfect.

maths pick up lines

Signing off

Make sure to take care while using the above dirty, cheesy, and nerdy pick-up lines. It determines the ideal results and lets you achieve your goals. For example, if you have made the other person happy or laugh, you surely have used great pick-up lines that suit the intention.

All of the nerdy pick-up lines prove to be the ultimate way to make a conversation flirty and fun. These help to break the ice and make everyone laugh. Just act wisely and fast, otherwise you will miss your shot.


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