*NEW* Music Pick up Lines (Musical related Conversation starters)

Best Music pick-up lines are the best language to express love with your loved one. Everyone loves to hear at least one type of Classical music and. Therefore, your best shot at conversation starters is to talk about their music and interests. Moreover, one can learn a lot about someone’s personality from the genre of music they like. This massive collection of musician chat-up lines is best for Tinder openers as well. so This is the Great place to get the latest dirty, cheesy, or dirty country music Pick up lines for your crush.

Here are some funny music pick-up lines 0f 2021.

Perhaps you and your friend would like to play a trio with me?
Just remember, girl, “Treble” is my middle name.
Great festival, but you know what’s missing? Ins and Outs
Major potential in us getting together.
You must be a choir director because you make my heart sing!
Are you Stacy’s mom? Cause you’ve got it going on.
Your voice is so a-do-re-ble to mi.
EDM is when the crowd is singing louder than the speaker.
Do you like drums and bass? Cause you got me wanting 174 bangs per minute.
Do you like sub-bass? Because you just turn on my lower frequencies.
Girl, you must be sold out cause I’m thinking of ways to get in
Get ready for the drop.of my pants

Guitar Band Conversation Starters

Is your name Tiesto? Cause I’d pay $50K just to see you for 2 hours.
The Stagecoach Festival is so loud in here I can’t hear a thing. But I sure do like your style.
My friend owns a helicopter and can get us out of here.
Is that crotch sweat, or are you happy to see me?
If u can’t enjoy this without drugs, then EDM clearly isn’t for u.
It’s getting crowded at this festival. Can I hold your totem?
If you can make it, I’ll see if I can get you a guest list spot.
See those cops over there? They’re here for you because it’s illegal to look that good.
Is that an extra wad of wristbands in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
Is this a camping festival? Cause you got us pitching tents
Is your hair frizzy because of the humidity or because you’re shocked to see someone this good-looking?
Listen to our new songs on Bandcamp. I’d love to hear what you think?
If I was a drum, I’d let you bang me all night long!
I bet that flute isn’t the only thing you know how to blow.
This cello isn’t the only big wood between my legs.
Wanna swap mouthpieces.
I’d love to strum your G-string
You wanna grease my slide?
Can you feel the bass pounding in your chest
Girl, you give me a trom-boner.
Do I have a grass stain on my ass?
Do you like bracelets? Because I have a bunch in my van.
Call me Eric Clapton cause I’ll pluck your heartstrings.
Are you a trumpet player? Because you sure are makin’ me horny.
How about we go home and study your French composition.
That’s a nice set of mallets you have.
One night with me, and you’ll hit all the high notes.
Can we cuddle naked while we listen to Above and beyond at EDM?
Perhaps you and your friend would like to play a trio with me?
Damn girl, are your parents ghost producers? Cuz I can’t believe you’re responsible for dat ass.

Metal Music Pick-up Lines from Bollywood Songs

I’ll think of you when I’m playing (romantic song)
Hey, baby, do you come to Stagecoach often? Hey, baby, now, what’s your sign?
Hey! Where you going? Get your tits back over here by me.
How long have you been waiting in line for the Lollapalooza ticket?
I ain’t never seen a cowboy look that good in jeans.
I don’t fall for pickup lines, but I fall for pickup trucks.
Have you heard of DJ Hanzel? Well, I got two deeper
Hey, do you have a lighter?
I drove my Cayenne out here too. Great minds think alike!
I’m so mad crushin’ your man-girl, skinny femme-boy with long-bangs, faint mustache, and small boobs look.
Hey, good looking. Whatcha got cookin’? How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?
I must be wearing 3-D glasses because your body is popping


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