Top 35+ Most Offensive Pick up Lines (Horribly Lines)

Check out the latest horrible, Dirty, Cheesy, Really Offensive pick up lines for guys to use on Reddit. It’s time to turn the table. Let’s try a different attitude, are you bored with cheesy and cute chat-up lines to use as conversation starters? Offensive chat-up lines can show the people how good of a comeback the other person can think. Offensive chat-up lines are difficult to think on the spot. Here are some mean, offensive tinder starters that are enough to make challenging people satisfy and make their brains out of the gutter. Although these chat-up lines are dirty, they might be worth a good chuckle.

Really Bad Conversation Starter

Really Horrible Offensive Pick up Lines

Girl, do you want a clean place to sit? You can sit on my lap.
Where is my key? Can I check your pant?
Baby, we can go hump back at my place. Do you like a whale?
I have got a bone to check. Are you an archeologist?
Don’t be so mean. You have this body for the rest of your life, and I want it tonight.
We can generate high voltage electricity, insert my plug into your socket.
I want to place “u” between f and CK.
Do you have a fever? Because you are looking damn hot.
Hey lady, you’ve got a nice set of buns. Is your family have a bakery?
Hmmm.. nice skirt, would look great on my bedroom floor.
I dreamt about you, you raped.
You are melting like ice cream. Can I lick you?
I think you fart because you blew me away.
You remind me of my ex-girlfriend.
How much does the elephant weigh? Less than you, I would guess.
Are you a snack? I want to eat you for fun.
Are you a refreshing drink? I want to take a sip for refreshment.
Do you like to dance? Ok then, go and dance I want to talk to your friend.
Even you are far away. I can smell you. Are you a poop?
Hey, I think you are a fire alarm because you are annoying and loud.
Are you a human? ARE YOU SURE?
Your love for me Is like loose diarrhea. I can hold it in.
Do you want to be my SLUT?  What?
Sweet, lovely, unforgettable thing.
You are beautiful like a starry night,

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World’s Most Offensive chat-up Lines

I want to let you know how beautiful you are. Would you buy me a drink?
Can you raise a cock? Do you have a chicken farm?
The Roses are red. The night sky is black. Your front is flat like my back.
Oh, girl! You smell… let’s take a shower together.
Hey, do you wanna dance with me? (No) it’s ok; the other two pigs’ heads reply the same.
Can you tell me, are you as good as all the guys say you are? Or are you just showing off?
Do you have a mirror in your handbag? Your eyes are reflecting on each other.
Girl, do you know you are hot as a white dwarf, hot but not bright.
I think you are pretty, but I like prettier girls.
You are spicy and cheesy like Mexican snacks.
My mother advised me that asking out folks who aren’t conventionally gorgeous will boost my self-esteem.
Is it true that you’re a mosquito? Because you’re a thorn in my side!
You remind me of my brother/sister in a lot of ways.
What is the weight of a polar bear? I’m guessing it’s less than you.
Are you a fire extinguisher? Because you are so irritating and loud!
Are you a wake-up call? Because I intend to murder you.
You’re the one who matters!
Are you a tasty morsel? Because everyone enjoys eating you.
Is it true that you’re a poop? Because I can smell you even while you’re far away.
Are you a fallen angel? Because Satan did as well.
Do you enjoy dancing? So, could you just go dance so that I may talk to your friend?
You dropped something, huh? My requirements.


These offensive Pick up lines seem funny and creepy but don’t use them in real life. Just make fun of these outrageous chat-up lines; maybe they help you find the right bold match.

If you want anything clever to say but you don’t have any idea, pick these chat-up lines whether they laugh or roll out their eyes, you will gain some attention, if you want to try these tinder starters to burn them try at your own risk. Those offensive chat-up lines probably won’t earn you a date but earn you a big laugh.

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