55+ Most Insane Pick up Lines for your crush (Cheesy & Witty)

Check out the latest Funny, Cheesy, Witty, Dirty, Insane Pick up lines to use on Reddit. Flirting is a lot more than fun, study says that your romantic life Depends upon your “flirting style”. there are basically four types of flirting playful, sincere, funny, and physical.

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I am not insane; I am just in love with you.
I think your beauty possesses me.
I could fall madly in love with you.
You are a treasure, and I want to explore you tonight.
Let’s watch porn videos in my mirror.
You are constantly inside me as my coffee.
You are like a strong bottle of wine, and you make me thirsty.
Can you sleep with me? I just lost my pillow.
Whenever I saw you, I became speechless.
I think you are a magician; everything else disappears when I look at you.
I think we have lots of energy in our bodies. Let’s make an electromagnetic field altogether.
Baby, I am not a professional cameraman, but I can picture our future dating together.
I want to tell you something very important privately, can I have your number?
Girl, you’d be optimistic fine if you were a transformer.
Babe, of all the beautiful curves on your body, your eyes are my favorite.
I was thinking, do your juicy pink lips taste as good as they look?
You’re an acute angle in my mathematics.
Girl, you have my interest. Are you a bank loan?
My mother told me to follow my dream, can I follow you?
I think you are my love from another star because your beauty looks out of this world.
 Babe, can I call you Google because you have everything I am searching
I think you are an electrician because you light up my day.

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Classic Flirty Insane Chat-up Lines

Oh damn, girl, what do you do for a living? Aside from being sexy all time.
Can I crash at your bed tonight, hello my name is Microsoft?
Girl, should I walk by again? Or do you believe in love at first sight?
You know what? Your eyes are like the brightest stars in the sky.
I will suspend your driving license because you drive all-boys crazy.
I think you are freshly baked because you look very hot.
Now I realized which is the happiest and beautiful place on earth, just next to you.
Are you a girl who cares about the environment? Why don’t you assist me use the condom in my pocket before it expires tomorrow?
Do you go by the name Winter? Because you’ll be here shortly.
Do you wish to commit a sin in preparation for your next confession?
I’m not a big fan of sunsets, but I’d love to see you fade away.
Are you a test? Because I’ve been obsessively studying you.
Please let me know what time you’ll be back at my place.
Give me the keys to your car so I can drive you insane.
Is Earl Grey your given name? Because you have the appearance of a hot-tea!
Is it possible that you’re a supermarket sample? Because I don’t want to be ashamed of tasting you over and again.
Are you a lion of the sea? Because I’m sure I’ll see you lion in my bed tonight,
Are you the Count Dracula? When you stared at me, you appeared to be a little thirsty.
Never, change please! Just Simply strip down.
I resemble a porous strip. Hard to get off, but extremely satisfied once you do.
You’re such a jerk. That body is yours for the rest of your life, and I only want it for one night.


People express their sexual interest in physical flirting,  funny flirting is just for temporary fun and joy, playful flirting is a fun way to let your girl know that you are interested, but if you don’t have any interest you can still flirt to enjoy by using some funny and insane chat-up line and can move on with wise conversation starters.

Some tinder starters may look insane but can be a key step towards starting a date. Here are some insane chat up lines, you can pick these conversation starters to initiate your chitchat.

Sometimes, frankness displays romantic interest. These chat up lines can be your conversation starters to describe your feeling and maybe lead you towards your date. According to the dictionary” love is a violent feeling of deep affection” and flirting is its first step.

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