79+ Car Jeep Pick up Lines (Funny, Witty, Flirty Jeep Scrambler)

Here are the latest Jeep Pickup lines to Use on Guys. Without jeep riding on hilly areas are not possible, and if you are in front of a stubborn person you can smash him with these puns. Sounds great. So here are our top 60 jeep pickup lines. You can use them to kill Omegle tinder openers, conversation starters, chat-up lines, and many more. Feel free to use them.

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Funny Jeep Car Pick-up Lines

Would you like to blow my head gasket?
I will ride you just like I ride in my car.
Hey, girl can I check your exhaust pipe?
Since gas prices are so high, I think you should carpool with me to dinner tonight.
Drive here often?
Hey, girl let me redirect your GPS route toward my pants.
Do you believe in love at first sight, or I should drive around the block one more time?
Would you like to lubricate my camshaft?
My nuts are made of titanium.
Can you show me the road to happiness?
Can I cool you down with my coolant?
Can I put my dipstick in your oil hole?
I’d love to jack you up and check out your undercarriage.
Excuse me! I am looking for a way that leads straight to your heart.
Hey pull over, your car is on Fire!
Hey, sexy! wanna go for a test drive?
Hi There, I know I’m going your way
Hi! I’m from out of town and lost…could you show me the way to your house?
How long is your lifecycle emission?
Your car’s power and movement turn my wheels.
You’re the only thing about this traffic worth smiling about! Got a cell phone? I’d love to chat with you!
You’re so energy efficient.
You should see MY Stop/Start capability.
You make my wheels turn
You are in perfect shape just like my car, I can ride it anytime.
Would you like to lubricate my camshaft?
Would you like to buy me dinner with your tax credit?
With all these high gas prices, we should park somewhere and talk.
Will I get a chance to pop your clutch?
What’s your favorite cruising speed?
What do you say we pull over and plug into the grid?
Want to drive for miles and stare at my dashboard?
Wanna free lube job?
This car is small, but we can make it work.
Damn! That structure of yours looks good.

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Are you a Jeep Wrangler Puns Jokes

Since gas prices are so high, I think you should carpool with me to dinner tonight.
Race you to the next light!
Oh, you have two motors? That’s hot.
Nothing is sexier than meeting CAFE standards.
Need a jump?
My other car is a Dodge Dart.
My catalytic converter is going bad. Can you replace it with a test pipe and a new oxygen sensor?
My batteries are designed for extended life.
Mmmmm… plug-in sounds sexy.
Look surprised, then say, “WOW, This is the first time I’ve ever seen a flower driving a car.”
Let’s make sure your gasoline engine doesn’t engage.
Just because I don’t use crude oil doesn’t mean I don’t like things dirty.
Is your battery dead? Because I’d love to jump you.
If you were a Dodge, I’d RAM you.
If I were a hybrid car, I’d let you hand the control over to my electric engine.
If I put my key in your ignition will it turn you on?
I’ll turn your driveshaft.
I’ll race you whoever wins has to let me pay the check.
I’ll make sure you idle less.
I’d love to jack you up and check out your undercarriage.
I’d drive a million miles for one of your smiles, and even farther
I’d love to be your hydrogen fueling station.
I save so much energy with this car, I can put the leftover to good use.
I need some coolant because you’ve got my engine overheating.
I lost my puppy, can you help me find him?
I like things with more miles per gallon.
I hate sitting in traffic
I don’t need to keep my engine running when I am with you.
I can feel my energy security rising when I am with you.
I bet we could maximize that kinetic energy.
How many engines do you have under your hood?
Hey babe, check your oil?
Can you show me the road to happiness?
Ever had sex in bucket seats?

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