99+ Irish Pick up Lines (Cheesy Farmer, Girl, Flirty Lines)

Check out the latest bad and northern Irish pick-up lines to use on Reddit. If you are interested in an Irish woman, here are some smart chat-up lines so that you can build your dating relationship with an Irish girl or guy. Irish are very funny and frank by nature, so you will have a lot of fun while dating. Ireland is a beautiful country and a paradise with fairies for travelers, so it’s only a date, right? Randomly the Irish are very casual and straightforward about dating. Just try to use some clever conversation starters. If they like you, you are going to have fun with this.

Almost 80% of Irish involved in online dating if you want to persuade an Irish woman online……Eh, good luck with it. But Irish girls are mostly friendly and sometimes arrogant. Their manners are different, but every woman is similar and kind-hearted by nature, and also dating is a chance to meet someone new. You can choose these elegant chat-up lines to chase them. These unique tinder starters can help you to initiate a dating life.

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Dirty and Cheesy Irish Chat up Lines as Gaeilge

I can bring you luck if you kiss me, although I don’t have four leaves.

I want to be your elf.

Your face is like a magic pot of gold.

Are you a gold digger? Oh sorry, you are shining like gold.

The leprechaun has already won if you won’t go on a date with me.

Irish, will you be my date?


Irish, will you be my lover?

Are you just happy to see me or do you have shillelagh in your handbag?

Can you kiss me? Because I am Irish.

Kiss my lips for good luck; they are like the Blarney Stone.

cailín, ba mhaith liom dáta leat.(girl, I want to date you)

Ba mhaith liom maireachtáil I do chroí, an féidir leat an treo a thaispeáint dom? (I want to live in your heart, can you show me the direction)

Everything you touché, it turns into gold. I think you must be part of the leprechaun.

My name is Danny Boy, and my pipe is calling you.

If you catch a leprechaun with me, we might be

lucky together.

OH Irish, is tú mo shall ( oh Irish, you are my world)

a chailín, tá súile dána agat ( girl, you have naughty eyes)

déanaimis dáta in Éirinn

Can you put the Irish spring back into my step?

I’ll show you my lucky charms, want to come with me?

Ye caught me. I am a leprechaun. I will grant you a wish.

I’m very Irish, come baby date with me.

You’re Dublin, my heartbeat. Are you Irish?

Can I call you mine? Or do you have an Irish name?

Funny Irish Flirting Lines Boys and Girls

It is one of the most joyful days that everyone loves to celebrate.  Here is some best Irish conversation starter you can use on the eve, and you may be selected for a midnight kiss or a beautiful Irish date.

I need CPR. You take my breath away.

Hey Irish, you have pretty eyes, and I want to lose in your eyes.

Congratulations, I am Irish; you can kiss me.

Your lips look lonely without me.

Your nice legs make me hypnotize, and your pretty eyes make me mesmerized.

I just want to check, that are you as beautiful on the inside, as you are on the outside?

I’m always thinking of you and smiling, I don’t know if it’s the thinking that makes me smile, or the smile that keeps me thinking?

I think there is something in your eyes, oh! That’s me.

Can you give me your heart, because you just stole mine.

Muireann tart ar do liopaí bándearg, tá hypnotized ag do shúile súilíneacha, a féidir leat dáta a dhéanamh liom not mar ba iad SEO a línte pioctha is fearr liom

(Your pink lips make me thirsty, your sparkling eyes make me hypnotized, can you date with me tonight because these were my favorite pick-up lines).

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These Irish republican chat-up lines may lead you to the love of your life.

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