55+ Bewitching Indian Pick up Lines (Tinder)

What quality should a chat-up line have? A phrase that can fully express your feelings. If your love is standing in front of you and you don’t have any right word to say it, then it can be a very difficult situation; you must be prepared at all times to avoid such occasions.

You are Spicy, sweet, and sour like a chutni.
Let’s go to eat some paani puri with me.
Do you like fasting? Can you keep KERWA CHOT WARAT for me?
You are like a moon of karva Chauth.
Whenever I see you, Kuch Kuch HOTA hai.

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Hey girl, I want to give you gulaab and jamun.
Darling, can I squeeze your raw from malai.
Do you want to blow my bansuri?
When I see you, my heart sings the song ek larhki ko dekha to aisa laga.
You ar truly like a patakha. 
Hi, can I take you on a long drive with me, because I’m your Rikshah waala?
You are my intense feeling of “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.”
Oh, baby, you are hot like my chai.
I think you are a jalebi; there is nothing sweeter than you.
Whenever I see you, I want to eat Panipuri.
My life without you is like samosa without chatni.
I am Pani, and you are puri, and we are incomplete without each other.
I’ve come to take my breath away, atak k rehgai Tere pas.
Were you so beautiful before? Ya waqt ne dhaaya koi haseen sitam?
Love has no reason, Ishq hamesha besabab hota hai.
You are my life, qasam se; you are my jigger, liver, and everything.
Our chemistry is just like water; your oxygen and I double hydrogen.
love has no conditions, toh afsos bhi nahi hota.
Love happens only once, but Pyar happens again and again.
Pyar is not done by thinking, yeah bus ho jata hai,
You are my samosa, and I’m your aloo.
Jub tek rahega samose mein aaloo, you will be mine and i will be yours.
I’m daal, and you are chawal. Should we mix it up?
Hey, we are both Desi; let’s the date and then shadi.
Will you be my pehla Pyar? So I will be your akhri.
You are my only nashaa.
I’m addicted to you like I’m addicted to my chai.
We can win the big boss season together.
I want to paint you in colors, Pyar krang.
You put the Desi in desirable because you are so hot.
Oh! You like bananas, come with me because I am Akela.
You are like hot chocolate; I can put it on my Thandi kulfi.
Hey girl, can I add you to my curry?
You’re hot like garam masala.
I just want to say, ek garam chai ki pyaali ho, koi usko pilaney wali ho.
I like pizza with a lot of cheese, and the cheese bari hai mast mast 
Oh, GOD! I think you love to eat eggplant because your body is bengan.
Hey, I’ll have a mom to send a rishta to you 
Keep this one rupee, and now I can tell my mom, aapki bahu mil Gai maa 
Let’s try unathar(69).
Oh, you are a mystery; I think your pita Ji is a mistri.
Pandit jee told me that our kundlis are a perfect match.
Wow, nice saari, can I talk you out of it.
I want to cancel my shadi online account because I found you.
Patna kidher hai?  She: in Bihar.. He: why go so far. Idher hi pat jao. You are like an apsara, am I in soarg?
Let’s flip a Sikka, if it’s head, you are mine, and if it’s tail, I’m your
My maa will love your, sanskaar.
You are like daal, hot and spicy.
Babe, you spice up my life; I’m sure you are a hot chutney.
Are you feeling hot? Wanna taste a kulfi?
I love your idli; your butt is round like idli.
Will you be me paaro, I want to be your Devaa.
Send bobs and vagana; yeah, I’m Indian.
Hey girl, I want to say something, AATI KYA KHANDALA!
You are more sweet and juicy than the Rasgulla.
Hey Rasgulla, I want to taste my mouth full of it.
You are chatni, and I’m bhel, and we are incomplete without each other.
Do you want to feel like Ganga? Wet, dirty, and moving, spend one night with me.
You are like a puri without my Pani.
You are hotter and spicy like garam masala,
Do you like Ganga? I can make you more wet and dirty than it.
Were you born in Holi? Because you have every color in you.
Let’s make some “Muhabbatein.”
I want to squeeze out the rass from your Gulla.
Let’s have some pajamas party
Oh, I ate something spicy, can I eat you because you are so sweet.
Your smile is like CHANDI WARQ on a KHEER.

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