99+ Happy Birthday Pick up Lines (Flirty Birthday Wishes)

Do you want to write a birthday card note for your girlfriend? You Can use Happy birthday pickup lines are a unique and special way to impress someone. If you feel hesitant about how to start a conversation on Tinder or Reddit that will impress your crush. These cheesy, funny, and dirty happy birthday pick up lines in Tagalog will help you with it. No matter if it’s your birthday and you invite your crush to a party. Or, it’s your crush’s birthday, and you want to wish them.

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Flirty Happy Birthday Pick up lines

Use these happy birthday pick-up lines Malay that is here below:

Hey sweetie! I was just wondering that your lips are sweeter or the icing on the cake?
I don’t think it’s your birthday. Must you be fly from heaven on this day, right? Because you look like an angel.
People said girls don’t tell their age in numbers. So, what about their numbers?
Hey! Can you please hold me? You are looking that pretty that I don’t want to fall to your birthday party.
It’s your birthday, that’s why I am not going to say you anything. :-\ Otherwise, you should be arrested for stealing my heart. (^o^)
Hey girl! Is your mother here at the party? I wanted to appreciate her for giving birth to a beautiful girl like you.
How about we both skip your birthday dinner 🤔 so that I can give you my special present? 😀
Hey! I am here on your birthday. What are your other two wishes? 😎
I wanted to gift you something precious on your birthday. But, I am confused because my heart is already yours. ❤️
You light up my life just like the candle on the cake.
Oh, Girl! You look even hotter than the flames of candles that are on your birthday cake.
Your birthday is only once a year. But it should be every day because you are so special. ^_^
Hey! I am not a photographer. But I can picture you and me together at the party.
Dear! Today my birthday wish comes true because you are here.
Why you need a birthday dinner 🤔 when you can just eat me? (^_-)
Oh, I guess the cake isn’t that sweet. Can I eat it with your hands?
Hey! I was about to wish something on my birthday. But, after seeing you, I don’t need to make a wish anymore. 😀
Hey birthday girl! You are looking that much gorgeous that you made me forget the lines that I learn for you.
Are you a birthday cake? 🤔 Because you are so sweet. ^_^
I want to blow you until I get my wish.

Funny Flirty Birthday Wishes

Hey! I wore this shirt, especially at your birthday party. [Why?] Because it’s made of boyfriend material.
You are so beautiful 😎 that your birthday should be a National holiday. 😛
Girl! Why you need a lighter? You are hot that you can fire the candles by touching them.
That’s the day when my new favorite person came to the world. Happy birthday, sweetie!
Hey! The candle is not the only thing that you are blowing tonight, girl. You blow me too.
Hey! The lights here are too bright at the birthday party. [Mm no, I guess not] Oh my bad, it was you that smile. :-*
Girl! These sparkling lights decoration is giving a reflection in your eyes.
Beards can be red; ❤️ a blade can glow blue; 💙 there’s only one precious, and that must be you. (^_-) Happy birthday!
Hey! The birthday party ended too early. What about doing a real party at my place?
Girl! I have seen a beautiful dress to gift you on your birthday. But, what’s the point because that will be going to come off.
Hey! My name is a birthday gift. Someone said you were looking for me?
I wish you were a birthday present. Because I really want to unwrap you.
I want to do something special for you on your birthday. What about the wildest birthday party at my place?
I wish you were the cake and I was the icing so that I can be on top of you.
Oh, you forget the birthday present, it’s alright. You can give me something even special.
Come with me. I have a special birthday cake 😜 with a special candle for you. :-*
Girl! I want to give you my seed as a birthday gift. Could you allow me to harvest that seed in you?
Hey! What do you want to eat (^_-) for your birthday dinner? 🤔 Because I just want to have you.
These overcrowded candles on your birthday cake must be a lie because you don’t look that old.


These cheesy, funny, and dirty happy birthday pick-up lines for her are here for you. You can choose from these, which we have rounded up, and make your day special with your crush. I hope that these happy birthday pick-up lines for sister will help you in your cause.s

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