59+ Electrician Pick up Lines (Dirty Electrical Puns, Jokes)

Get the top new Electrical engineering and Electrician Pick-up Lines to say to guys. Electricity lights everything up, including electricians. And electrician with cheesy pickup lines makes things more interesting. Our huge collection of Are you an electrician pickup lines will get you going throughout the bumpy rides. You can use these lines as conversation starters, tinder openers, or even chat-up lines during spiced-up situations.

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Dirty Electrician & Electrical Pick up Lines

I’m not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you.
Hey girl, I’m an electrician. I want to spark a conversation.
You’re the light of my life. You turn me on.
I don’t usually like being shocked, but I almost knocked myself out when I saw you!
I’m here to check your shorts.
Can I earth you? You seem to be at a high potential.
I am an electrician. I want to give you a jolt of my high voltage juice,
Have you ever met a detective electrician? They call me Sherlock Ohms
You make me feel a gilt of energy.
I felt a spark through my body when you entered.
I am not an electrician..! But I can light up your day
Hey! You wanna try out my new instrument.
If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you would be the new McShock.
I am an HVAC installer. I want to heat you and cool you down.
Can I tinker with your pipes?
Hey, baby, how long/hard is your cable?
Hey carpenter, I’m hammered. Want to nail me?
You and I are so perfect, want to make a complete circuit?
I saw you I was almost knocked off my feet!
you turn me on.
Your eyes are like wrenches ….. they make my nuts tighten.
I have a job for you…. but it blows
I’ve got a hummer and a vibrator. Which one do you want to test drive first?
I know that you’d be able to screw my nuts
let the emotions connect us to the center of the world.
I can be the man who can touch your plugs and get rid of the spark that can burn your heart

Funny Conversation starters

Electrical Engineering Chat up lines

Let me count this as a spark that goes right along with our limbs and lights our bones in flames.
Let me check your plugs, as we might witness a short circuit when we continue this connection.
I can be an electrician who can fix these buttons and fix your pretty smile the way it is before.
You won’t believe it, but I’m shocked in bed.
We should go and teach ourselves to fix these wires that can hinder our love for each other.
Let me start the day where we can feel these wires in our hearts like the macro computers.
I can make you feel the electricity from the tip of our fingers.
I want to fly away and feel the love spreading in our veins like a fire coming from the circuit.
You should check out my hands and see that these are my wires that can fix our love tonight.
I thought I felt the first spark of our love when our pretty eyes suddenly meet with each other.
I’m shocking in bed.
They call me Sherlock Ohms. a detective electrician
I want to give you a jolt of my high voltage juice
I will make you go ohm.
We should all have more resistance.
These jokes should be in Alternating
Maybe you should stay off the lecture circuit.
On second thoughts, that would be a volt-face…
Can’t you people conductor serious conversation?.
I want to fix this dream and link your true beauty to the happiness inside my heart and soul.
I want to nail you.
You behave like a switch. You turn me on.
You are my battery cell.
Are you empty? I can fill you up with my distilled water.
Girl, are you a cosmetic electrician? Because you’re shockingly beautiful, you electrician? because I am willing to get electroCUTE by your Hertz
Girl, if you and I magnetically coupled our windings, we could transform the world.
I want to get drowned in your love so that this electricity inside our hearts gets us grounded.
This is a beautiful moment where we can feel our bones burning with our raging love.
Babe! My wires are losing connection.
Are you here to correct my pipes?
Let me put my pipe into your rim hole.
Hey, girl wanna see my new tool?

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