99+ Desi Pick up Lines (Cheesy, Dirty)

Get the New Collection of Desi pick-up lines for girls and boys to use on Reddit. In real life you can’t use chat-up lines for flirting, instead, you can use the pickup lines as conversation starters to melt the ice. In desi culture, pick-up lines are very common for flirting. On your way you can hear different pickup lines, guys use as their tinder starters for their first step.

If you are a nobleman don’t use them in real life but you can use these pick-up lines as laughing stock.

Funny Pick up Lines for Desi People (Pakistani Indian)

Oh, girl you are more spicy than my biryani.
I think you are hotter than the garam masala chai.
Hello, I’m your big fan, I want your autograph on my Nikah nama.
Please give me your number, I will wake you in Fajar.

Hindi Pickup Lines

You just took my breath away, are you gujranwala ki smog?
I love you more than Bombay biryani.
Hey girl, I think I know you! Are you my phopo ki beti?
You appear tired.. is it as a result of you’ve been creating Tawaaf in my head all day?
 you’re the sole Fitna I need in my life…
are you Isha? As a result of my day doesn’t appear to finish while not you…
once I 1st saw you, I aforesaid MashaAllah.. after that, I’ve solely been language InshaAllah!
Hello babe, What is your mobile number? Karun Kya dial number? What is your private number kerni hein private batein.
I’m incomplete without you, like the daal without tadka.
I keep falling for you, like rupee for dollar.

Pakistani Pickup Lines

Baby are you from Turkey? As a result of, after I see you I become Tharkee!
square measure you Lahore Ki Smog? As a result of you only Took My Breath Away!
square measure you sporting a sari? Well, you won’t be dress if you leave with ME.
I think you gulab jamun? As a result of nothing is sweeter than you!
does one like entremots? Cause I’d wish to get raita abreast of you.

Indian Pickup Lines

however regarding we have a tendency to get along and that I combine my pani together with your puri.
You’re a lot of garam than my chai.
 You’re like daal to my chawal. Ought to we have a tendency to combine it up?
 I think you are naan khatai, there’s nothing sweeter than you!
I can’t live without you, like I can’t eat puri without Pani 
Whenever I see you, I think, Tum pas aet, Yun muskuraey, Tumne najane Kya sapne sjaaey.
You can bang me like mandir ki ghanti.
Ek larhki ko dekha to aisa laga……
My heart is popping for you, like popcorn.
Are you prefer a slap? Or you are going to share your Snapchat with me?
Excuse me, can I follow you? Because my abu always told me to follow 
Hey girl, do you want a lift? Ya rakshaw mangwadoun?
I Can’t tell the condition of my heart
We do not know how to torment anyone like this,
We want to hear his voice, But we don’t have an excuse to talk.
You can bang me all night like dhol.
You are so colorful like rangoli.
I want to bang you like patakha 
Are you ok, I think you are a hur from heaven.
I want to say you one thing, HAEY MEIN SADQEY JAWAN 
My night without you is sardi without kambal.
You are more precious than “CHALGHOZA”
Do you want a date? To break your fast?
You are my pehla Pyar, and I want to be your akhri Pyar 
Excuse me, Kya Rey! 
I can’t image, anyone else for Sacha Pyar, and don’t want to, growing old with anybody else,
I know you’re the one person with “ full sanskaar” and whom I’d like to spend the rest of my life.
Our love story is only getting started. Let’s make our own happy ending together with 2 bachon ki maa.
In this life, there are many ways to be happy, yet all I really need is you, I love you 
I see a mirror of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll have together when I look into your eyes, I realize you are the right “BAHU MATERIAL”.
No one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me, AND my Ami.
When I think of you, I know that you are the right bahu for my Ami and no one will ever be able to grip my heart as tightly as you do.
When I think of the future, I imagine us as two trees planted side by side, our roots growing stronger as time passes and our children blossoming like seedlings all around us. 
There are numerous challenges in life. If you’re willing to tackle them with me, I’m confident I can meet them, AFTER NIKAH.
I knew I’d met my match the moment I met you. It was only a matter of time before we found ourselves in this situation. It’s all up to you how things turn out.
You deserve the finest man like me, someone who will unrestrictedly support you and allow you to develop without restriction.

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