44+ Dad Joke Pick up Lines enough to seduce someone

Parents are our first love; in any situation where you are unaware of your crush’s background, using the dad jokes as a chat-up line is the best choice. If you don’t know the first step, use some practical dad jokes as your conversation starters to reduce the tension. If you are picking up someone online, you can use dad jokes, tinder starters, and maybe you can get a precious smile on someone’s face.

Daddy Joke Pick up Lines

Is your father working in a chocolate factory? Because you are sweet and hot like chocolate.
Is your daddy is an alien? Because I think you are not from this world 
I came here to tell you that I’m filthy rich and my mother’s dead?
You look older than my father. Do you still work, or are you retired?
Hello babes, I want to wish you Happy Father’s Day from someone who wants to have your babies.
Oh, today is your day? Happy Father’s Day to a genuine mother fucker.
Hey handsome, you can be the wonderful husband who still seems to nail me, no matter what having kids has done to my body.
Can I call you “Daddy”?
Hey baby, please help me; you better call life alert because I’ve fallen for you and can’t get up.
Hi girl! Do you want to have my children?  Or can we practice then?
Your father is the best man on Earth because you are the finest woman I have ever met.
Hey girl, do you want children? I have a small penis but a big bank account.
Babe, can you look after my future children? I hope I haven’t given you the wrong impression. I’m actually taller and richer than I look.
Hey handsome, I love you, and I want to bear all your children.
Girl, don’t misunderstand me, “I tell dad jokes, but I don’t have any kids. I’m a faux pa.”
Oh, Babe, I think your daddy wrote a dictionary because you put meaning in my life.”
Hey pretty lady, is your daddy working at the grocery store because you have nice melons!”
Oh precious Jem, is your father selling diamonds? Because you are FLAWLESS!”
Damn! Look at your eyes; you got those eyes from your mother; I know exactly why your dad married her.
Hey sexy rose, your daddy named Oliver, because soon you’ll be Oliver this d*CK.”
Oh, girl, I think your daddy is a hunter? Because your such a fox!”
I am sure that your daddy a red chili because you sure are hot.”
Hello, I’m in search of your daddy; he is a locksmith because you have the keys to my heart.”
Girl, I think your daddy a traffic cop? Because you can stop all the traffic.
Pretty girl, I think Your daddy must be a high jumper because you make my heart rise!”
I hope. Your daddy must be an archer because you are targeting me with your eyebrows.
You are under arrest. “Your father must be a thief because he stole the brightest star in the sky and put it in your eyes.”
“Your daddy must play soccer because you are kicking me with your ass.
Oh poor girl, can I call you an orphan? Because you have yet to call me DADDY.”
Hello pretty ladies, can one of you ladies want to help make me a daddy by the end of the day or maybe at night?

Dad Joke Pick up Lines

Gorgeous girl! I think your dad is a sergeant cause you’re making my privates parts stand at attention!”
Oh, my princess, I think your dad is a king? He must have been to make a princess like you.”
Oh, hot girl! I’m sure that Your daddy must have been a baker because you got the nicest set of hot fresh buns.
Will you be my bride? Because “My dad’s here now, you can marry me.”
I think that  your dad is a pilot because my heart is taking off?”
Where is your dad? I want to know how to produce a cute child.
Nice ass! Is your dad a donkey?
Let’s plant some sugar, daddy.
Can I Take a bite from you? I borrowed my dad’s teeth.
Is your dad is an astronaut? Because you have many stars in your eyes.
Can I call your daddy mine?
Is your dad is an artist because you are such a masterpiece?
You are so beautiful. Is your mom single? Cause I want to be your daddy!
I borrowed daddy’s teeth just for you.
Hey, my heroin, I think your daddy is a drug dealer because you are a branded quinine.
Hey beauty, I am sure your dad is Agony because you’re so beautiful you can’t be real.
I am single; you are single; let’s make a family together.
I think you are adapted because your father is more beautiful than you.
You can call me daddy; I will give you full father’s love.
Is your dad is a minister? Because you are corrupting my heart.

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