40+ Cute Unique Pick up Lines for your crush (Funny, Dirty Puns)

Get the latest Smooth unique pick-up lines for guys on Reddit. If you want a conversation starter with a stranger, chat-up lines are the tested method to start the game. So it is not about the lines you choose. It is about the person that you are interested in. Tinder starters are the best way to melt the ice and make the atmosphere more friendly.

You can choose these conversation starters, chat-up lines, and tinder starters according to the situation so that the person you are interested in can have a glance at your personality. Here are some unique pickup lines for her boyfriend that you can select according to the dilemma.

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Cheesy Unique Flirting Pick up Lines Tagalog

Whenever I look at you, everything disappears from my sight. Are you a magician?

I wish I were a cat so that I could spend my nine lives with you.

I want to be a tear in your eyes so that I can scroll down from your cheeks, no, your lips.

If you want to see a beautiful flower, just look in the mirror.

Be my landlord. I want to live in your heart.

Whenever I see a rose, you cross my mind.

Your blue eyes are like an ocean. I want to swim in them.

Do you want to meet an angel? Just look into my eyes.

Before I saw you, I never believe in love at first sight.

I can see all the colors in your eyes.

Can you let me reserve a kiss from you? I promise I will give it right back to you.

Can I have your number? I want to call you “beautiful.”

Can I call you just mine? Or do you have a name?

How could you manage to be all three, sweet, cute, and pretty?

I’m confused about which is more beautiful today, the weather or you?

Someone stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

I think you would look more beautiful in my arm.

You are the answer to my prayers.

Are you just smiled or is the sun just coming out.

Your beauty is sweeter than chocolate.

I like your smile more whenever I am the reason behind it.

I think you have something on your face, oh! It’s your beautiful smile.

I don’t know yet, but you seem very interesting to me.

Can you try to pick me up? I am awful at flirting.

You owe me a drink because I dropped mine when I saw you.

I am not good at math, but the only number I care about more is yours.

I want to change your last name.

Are you looking for your Mr. Right? Nice to meet you. It’s me.

Whenever you write the alphabet letters, place U and I together.

I think we have a fast connection. Do you believe in rebirth?

Roses are reds, the sky is blue. I think I want a date with you.

So are you feeling okay to be so gorgeous?

If you want to see me happy, so you need to keep talking to me.

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Chat up Lines

If you don’t know someone very well, it is very hard to start a conversation, so in this case, you need some Tinder starter to initiate your conversation. Here are some starting chat-up lines you can select to start your conversation with your desired person.

Hilarious Unique conversation starters

I think you are the guy who was going to buy me a drink.

Are you a model? You look familiar.

I think you also believe in love at first sight, like me.

Can I have your number? I just lost mine.

I am going to be the person you are thinking about 30 years from now.

I think we should just skip the chat-up lines and go on a date.

I want to read that interesting book written in your eyes.


We are living at this age, and some strategies are very important in dating life. So some chat-up lines or tinder Starters can be met with an eye roll, while some bad can cause your date to walk away. Well-selected pickup lines can spark up your conversation and can make your first impressive impression.

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