49+ Cute Innocent Pick up Lines (Famous Flirty, Witty, Puns Jokes)

Get the best, Sweet, Funny innocent pick up lines for guys to use on Reddit. once you have given up hope, hit with those chat-up lines. Keep in mind not all conversation starters are harmful, and actually, some Tinder starters from those chatup lines have to work on many gorgeous girls. Innocent girls are like cute puppies, feed her some innocent cute pickup line.

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Trending Innocent Pick up Lines

My girl, I count you multiple times whenever I count my happiness.
Sweetie, there is nothing sweeter than the sweetness of your smile.
Your shining smile makes my day brighter.
You are the most innocent and pure girl I have ever seen.
You’re the Bluetooth gadget I’m using. Thank you for collaborating with me!
Are you SPF, girl? Because I need you every day.
I tried to send you something cute, but I don’t believe I’ll be able to fit it in this text box.
So, what do you do other being my walking-talking mood booster?
Oh, girl, I’m lost in your innocent eyes.
Baby, you have a sweet smile, but I like it more when I’m the reason behind it.
I’m hoping you’ll decide to stay. I don’t want you to return to God without me.
Which one do you prefer as a sweetener? DATES, honey, or sugar…
I’m not a criminal, but could you just keep a watch on me?
Do anyone know where my girlfriend is? Oh no, hold on. That was meant to be you, wasn’t it?
You’re the one who knows what’ll work best for you. My surname.
 Do you recognise (your friend’s name)? He wanted to know if you thought I was attractive.
Your smile is so dazzling g to me. Do you have sunglasses?
I like collecting cute innocent things. Can I have you in my collections?
Hey girl! I want to pin you on the wall like a poster.
You are like a cute bunny. Do you want to do what bunnies do?
I want to make your bed rock tonight.
Oh my God, I think I broke my leg after I fell for you.
Let’s play a game. If you lost, you would be mine, and if I lost, I would be yours.
Hi, you are perfect, but I want to change your last name.

Not So Pick-up Lines Tagalog

Let me be with you in dreams.
I want to see the sunrise with you.
I want someone who will look at me like I look at her.
Since the day I met you, my life has been better, and I don’t want to lose you.
Hey girl, do you know “I hug you” is incomplete without I and you.
Girl, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Are we looking in the same direction? So let’s start dating.
Babe, you are meant to be loved.
Take my heart, take my whole life too, because I am falling in love with you.
When we’re together, it’s always better.
 I found one whom my soul loves.
Hi, my name is wind, you can’t see me, but you can feel me.
Your beauty is the glamour that turns the dust of everyday life into the golden haze.
(Touch her hands with your hand) oh! Is This how galaxies collide
Hey girl, can you taste them for me? I can’t taste my lips.
Hey beauty, if you kiss me, I won’t turn into a frog.
Your innocent smile attracted me towards you.
Beautiful woman, your beauty got my attention, but your smile stole my heart.
Hey, do you have a Band-Aid on hand? When I fell for you, I scratched up my knee fairly badly.
Are you a sorcerer? Because if I gaze into your eyes, all else vanishes.
Happiness, I always assumed, began with a “h,” but it turns out that mine begins with a “u.
“I had planned to say something incredibly nice about you, but when I saw you, I couldn’t say anything.
Your smile is my favourite of all the lovely contours on your body.
Would you promise to keep me if I followed you home tonight. Read more

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