30+ Best Uno Pick up Lines (Funny, Flirty, Witty Pun)

Check out the new UNO Pick up lines to use on Reddit. We all know that Uno is a card game that is easy to pick up and impossible to put down. Uno game is just like our dating life; it can be wild, skips, reverse, and draw.

The conversation starters with Uno’s are crafty, wild, and feisty. So don’t worry; with the help of the right chat-up lines in Uno profile, you are destined to end up having a confirmed date. If you have decided to impress your crush, your smiling face is not enough to make a date with her. You can select the Tinder starters to impress your girl from these classy, cheesy, and flirting pickup lines to make your date wilder.

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Latest Cheesy Uno Flirting Lines Tagalog

I’ve fallen for you and can’t get up. You better call life alert.
Hi, do you want to be my master?
Smile if you are happy, and don’t smile if you are wild
Hi, could you spelled Uno backward, so I want to be on U?
I will love you until I forget u.
If you were a soup, you would be hot and sour soup.
I think you are a game. I would play with you all night long.
Girl, do you want a private game with me?
I can picture you and me together in the future. Although I am not a photographer.
Will you be my tinder date that no one will ever regret.
You are my Uno tinder game that is easy to pick but impossible to put down.
Give me your number, or pickup the whole deck.
If you don’t want to tag on, then don’t do anything.
I think you are an art. I want to pin the artwork to the wall.
I will be you friendly pack of card, and not mind to shuffles with you.
What is your gender, baby!
I am the real deal for you.
Are you xx or xy
I am a pro color tool, which can be red, blue-green and, yellow. So what are you?
Seeing you naked, babe, is like visiting Candyland.
Do you want to play my board game, babe? You play the role of the board, and I’ll make all the decisions.
You’re the missing piece in my puzzle, babe.

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Funny and Worst Chat up Lines

You are my whole sexy game.
You’re gorgeous, babe. I’ll keep hitting with my battleship until I reach your location. This is what you should do.
I’d like to lay you down in a field, baby.
This is what you should do.
Please, be my queen.
Is it possible to play cards against humanity? I’d like to start simple tonight, with only my tongue against the most stunning woman I’ve ever seen.
I’ll crown you if you castle me.
Cheers! Now play uno with me tonight.
Lets go ruin our friendship tonight and play the game.
Did you just make a winning roll? Because you’ve managed to snare my heart.
Do you want to take a chance? Let’s do it tonight without any protection.
Do you had any luck tonight?
I am a good deal want to meet.
I can’t meet you today but can meet you on Saturday.
Please swipe right if you want to see my wild side, and you will screaming my name before I finish.
You are a smart Uno card. I want to meet you at Doolally.
I will show you my deck. You can show me yours.
It looks like you are drawing towards me, and it will be hard to take my hands off you.
You will know a person when you play Uno with him, and that jerk hit you. Draw four.
When you get a wild card in Uno,” REALITY CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT.”
We are the otters of the universe. We are game-playing and fun having creatures.
Do you want to be happy? Happiness is playing Uno with me.
The Roses are red, and the sky is blue. I just want to go on a date with you.

Uno Tinder Starters:

Uno a card game that is very popular since our childhood, which is now on tinder verse; you must have come across the Uno profile, which will try to get a good match with you. Once matches, it starts crazy and hilarious pick up lines and held the sass going in their responses. Gamer took this an open challenge and add hilarious and cheesy chat-up starters and tinder starters to the campaign. Here are some hilarious conversation pickup lines.


So it is all about a date. The whole thing is to lure the people for a date with Uno. If you are single, it is your chance to make a date. Life is a game, Love is an important stage, and we are gamers, play your game with confidence and enthusiasm. You might be a game-changer with the help of tinder starters and can express your feelings in a better way. Read more

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