99+ Best Uncommon Pick up Lines to get Attention

Get the new Smooth and Funny most Uncommon Pick up lines for her/him to use on Reddit. Is it the right time to flirt with the women you are interested in? Come on! If you want to make a connection with your girl crush, you have to make some wise moves. Try some of the conversation starters’ pickup lines. With the help of these chat-up lines, you may be able to start your romantic future.

Cheesy & Cute Extraordinary Pick-up Lines Tagalog

Your eyes are like the sea; I could spend all day swimming in them.
I see a very gentle soul in you when I look into your eyes.
You’d be a ‘cute-cumber’ if you were a vegetable.
Do you have a Band-Aid? I scraped my knees while falling for you.
What are the other two wishes? If I am the first one.
I think you are a bank loan; you have my interest.
Is it okay if I hold your hand for you?
Do you have the ability to travel through time? Because I know you’ll be a part of my future.
Do you have any idea what material my shirt is made of? Boyfriend-worthy.
I thought I was in a (bar/restaurant/etc. ), but you’re a work of art, so I’m in a museum.

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I just had to come over and say hi because your smile had been lighting up the room all night.
Hello, my name is (your name). Do you recall who I am? Oh, yes, we’ve only only met in my dreams.
How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman in the room?
I’m not sure if it was an earthquake or if you simply shook my world to its core.
I simply had to tell you that your beauty made me realise how fortunate I am to be able to see.
You’d be a ‘fine-apple’ if you were a fruit.
Are you feeling alright? After falling from the heavens.
Are you working in a perfume factory? You make my life fragrant.
What’s wrong with my cell phone? It doesn’t have your number on it.
What do you do for your living? Aside from being cute.
When I look at you, my time stopped; you must be the speed of light.
Can I call you mine, or do you have a name?
The Roses are red, the sky is blue. I just want to go on a date with you.
Can I swim In your eyes, because they look like the blue ocean to me?
The grass is green, my heart is clean, the sky is blue. I think I am in love with you.
Hey! I just broke my leg after I fell for you.
Where is your mother? I want to tell her to be my mother-in-law.
Are you feeling cold? You can wear me like a jacket.
Let’s play a game, if I win, you will be my date, and if I lose, I will be your date.
Am I dreaming, or the girl of my dreams is here In front of me?
There is something on your face, oh! It’s just the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
I wish I would be your glass of wine, so I could touch your lips.

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Funny Chat up Lines for Girls and Boys

We are living in the modern age, and every girl likes a bold and confident boyfriend for herself. You can start your conversation with some funny chat-up starters that can melt the ice and make the environment more friendly. If you want to pick up some funny lines, these can help you get your flirt on.

Are you an alien? Because there is no one like you on this earth.
Can I stay in your heart? I have nowhere to go.
You owe me a drink because I dropped mine when I see you.
If you were a fruit, you would be juicy strawberry.
I just lost my direction in your eyes. Do you have a map?
I like raisins, do you like a date?
I can see all the stars in your eyes.
Every time I look at you, other things disappear. Are you a magician?
I’m sure that your name is as beautiful as you are.
I would like to be sentenced for life as a prisoner in your heart.
Do you have a good name, or do I call you gorgeous?
Do you know what the best thing you can do with your lips is? SMILE.
I want to follow my dreams, so can I follow you?


“ if you can make a girl laughed, you can do everything” you can choose the funny, flirting, or tinder starters for chat-up lines and use them as conversation starters to break the ice cubes.

Here are some of the collections of pick up lines that you can use as a Tinder starter to initiate the conversation with your crush. Pickup lines on this list can show her that you are surely interested in her. This list might just have what you are looking for.

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