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55+ Best Ultimate Pick up Lines for Flirting

Here are the latest Funny, Dirty, Cheesy, and witty Ultimate pick-up lines to use on Reddit. When you have nothing to say and stand up there awkwardly looking at her firmly, you don’t want to let the woman of your dreams step away, you are trying to gather your emotions, but when you look up, she is gone……. AHH, lost love in time.
Well, it is a very familiar story and happens every day. So I will share with you some ultimate chat up lines that you can pick as your conversation starters.

Cheesy & Cute Ultimate Chat up Lines Tagalog

Would you just like money or can I buy you a drink?

Hi, can I start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the bar?

I’m a bit lost in your eyes, can you show me the direction to your heart.

(If she is alone) hi, I don’t believe that some as attractive as you don’t have a company tonight.

You are so cute, so I thought to come over here and say hi.

I can see a couple of angels bouncing around in your shirt.


Congratulations, it is your lucky day because I happen to be single.

Are you a vacuum cleaner because you are sucking me in.

I want to allow you to have an unforgettable experience with a sexy man.

Circles go on forever, but heartbreaks, so I love you with all my circle.

Falling for you is the most precious moment of my life.

Hi, can I interview you? Because I am writing a book on the most beautiful woman on earth.

So you are the reason for global warming, damn! You are so hot.

Can I call you mine? I don’t know your name?

My hobby is collecting cute little things, so can I keep you?

Do you have a dictionary on your cell phone? I am looking for a word in the dictionary to describe your beauty.

I don’t want to look at the stars in the sky. I want to look at them in your eyes.

Can I seduce you with my awkwardness?

Hey girl! You chat-up like an angel, as you from heaven

Seducing lines

If you are authentic and curious about her, here are some great chat-up lines for you. But some conversation starters need confidence and boldness to deliver their thoughts rightfully. Some funny pickup lines required great body language and a natural sense of humor to avoid awkwardness. So let’s change the game with some cringy chat-up lines.

Powerful Flirting lines

I could moisture your dry lips for you if you want.

Would they like to meet me? Your lips look lonely.

The only way to describe your beauty is with my lips.

I bet I can persuade you by the touch of lips.

Hey girl! I think your juicy lips perfectly fits over mine

So, are you going to add me to your to-do list?

If you were a dessert, you would be a hot chocolate cake.

Dinner, long drive, and then a hotel? So what is your name?

Hey, I want to tell you that your eyes are really beautiful.

You are the number one element on earth.

Are we married now?

I can describe you in three words ” you are sexy.”

I want to say three simple words ” damn hot girl.”

If you start your conversation with the good chat up lines, you may end up scoring a date.

Even these tinder starters are cheesy or corny, but these ultimate pick-up lines will help you approach heroically For the girl you are interested in. You can use chat-up lines in a fun way. I hope when you are done reading these ultimate conversation starters, you have a list of effective and efficient chat-up lines to initiate your conversation and melt the ice.

Get the Best Lovely, Romantic Ultimate Pick up Lines for Flirting (Powerful Puns Jokes 2021)
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Get the Best Lovely, Romantic Ultimate Pick up Lines for Flirting (Powerful Puns Jokes 2021)
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