48+ Best Ukulele Pick up Lines For Tinder Starters (Puns, Jokes)

Here are the Latest Lovely, Dirty, Funny, Witty, and also Flirty Ukulele pick up lines to use on Reddit. When there is love, there is music, love without music is like a night sky without stars. Music is the genuine language of love; you can express your emotions with beautiful music lines. When you want to pursue a new relationship, conversation starters are the basic step. If you start your conversation with wise and suitable chat-up lines, other steps can be taken smoothly.

Cheesy & Cute Pick up Lines for the singles

Honey, let’s play some sweet music together,
Would you like to play trio with me?
People say my fingering is good on the G-string.
I want to strum your G-string.
I think we both are composers because composers always score.
If you were a ukulele, I’d be the only person who could play you correctly.
How about some music lessons, we could play all night and make some sexy music.
You are looking pretty sharp to me. Would you like to borrow my toner?
I need some help with the hard part. Can you teach the ukulele?
Can I practice with you? I need to work on my fingering.
Players of ukulele duet best.
I‘d like to lower your G-string…
Have you tried linear tuning?
There is nothing more bewitching than the strings of the guitar and you.
I want to finger your fretboard.
You can play trio on me with your friends.
You have a good set of mallets there.
You’re looking so good, girl!
I’m sure we’d get into some serious Treble.
Let’s play a game of love. I’ll play Alejandro and you’ll play Lady Gaga, and I’ll let you ride on my disco stick.
I’m sure that flute isn’t the only instrument you can play.
You must be a fourth or fifth grader since you are absolutely flawless!
You’re so lovely, you make me feel like a broken arpeggione chord.
Do you want to play the organ?

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I’m not the only one who can get wet with a reed.
Would you get interested in me? When I say G-string.
Your beauty is like composing notes. Everyone wants to play you.
You are like the beautiful melody of the skillful musician.
I want to dance with you on the rhythmic beating of your heart.
Are you a musician? Your heart is playing music with my heart.
My love for you is like the strum of the ukulele, along with the sound of my heartbeat.
Hey girl! This music told me to approach and talk to you.
Hi, I think you want to know what looks good and attractive to you.
I am here to feel you up. I think you are feeling down 
Are you feeling tired? Because you are running through my mind all day and night.

Try Some naughty Flirting Lines Tagalog

You are like my light switch because you turn me on anytime I look at you.
I guess you are cornfield, so I am stalking you.
I want to handle your body nicely; come visit me tonight.
You are looking so yummy. Can I have a bite?
Are you a banana because I find you peeling.
Do you like music? I can make you learn how to scream.
All I want to be is inside you forever, so can you call me baby?
I want to hold you like a fermata.
I think you were born in 1779 because you are a real classical beauty.
Your figure is like a guitar.
Hey girl! You look like a piece of minimalist music. I want to play you again and again.
Let’s move to the development section.
You are my perfect counterpoint.
You are like an angel, and I want to treat you as a devil tonight.
I will always keep you safe. The only thing which trudges over you is me.

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Hit like a pro Chat Up Lines for Girls and Boys

You and I are so in tune. We must have a good pitch.
I would be a clarinet if you were a reed.
My love for you won’t be diminished. You must be augmented.
You are making me horny.
Hey girl! You just plucked my heartstring.
I wish I were a treble clef, and you were a G line so I could wrap myself around you.
If you were a music, I would love to play you all day long.
I have been getting vibes from you. Do you play the vibraphone?


You should choose the line which can make the target laugh. Smile is the first step towards the conversation. If you can make the girl laugh, you can do everything.

If you are interested in music, or the person you are interested in, love the music, these tinder starters pickup lines may work for you.

No matter from which culture we are, we all appreciate music. If you want to make a girl fall in love with you, you should start with some Tinder starters because love is a verb, say something to show your feelings, saying and doings yields big rewards.

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