59+ Best SpongeBob Pick up Lines

The SpongeBob pick-up lines are inspired by the character SpongeBob Squarepants. If you are a huge fan of SpongeBob, then these hilarious SpongeBob pickup lines will definitely look attractive to you. These funny and clean SpongeBob pick-up lines on Reddit will help you as conversation starters. Moreover, these are not only funny but great comebacks for situations of Tinder openers. These chat-up lines are best for online communication when you want it to the next level. 

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SpongeBob Pick up Lines

Below are some SpongeBob pick-up lines for you:

Hey! Can you tell me that you would like to see my large spatula?
So! What do you think? How long is my Squidward? 😈
Girl! I have krabs, so are you ready to be Krusty?
Hey! Do you want my Squidward on your sandy cheeks? 😏
Hey! I am a squirrel under the sea. And you know what I need? Your nuts. 😚
Let’s go to my castle and see whose bikini bottom fall first.
Is it getting Salty and wet here, 🤔 or is it just me?
Baby! What if you were the Patrick and I were the SpongeBob? Would you let me explore your secret box?
Don’t you want the Squidward of mine (^_-) in your sandy cheeks?
I have an awesome sink in my place, which you should see. So, you want to come? 
What about going to my place and play with your SpongeBobs?
Squidward nose looks big to you? My love for you is bigger than his nose.
You are like a sponge for my Squarepants. 😀
Girl! You are more important to me than SpongeBob.
Hey girl! I love you like sandy loves karate, SpongeBob loves his job, and Mr. Krabs loves money.
You are not just a patty. :-\ You are pretty patty.
I can let you into my salty spittoon B-) if you are tough enough.
Girl! I am trying to see the Krabby patties.
Babe! What about go to my place and watch SpongeBob?
I am drowning with your beauty, girl. Are you sure we are not underwater?
If my heart were a harpoon, ^_^ I would thrust it upon you. 
Hey! You know, if you were the SpongeBob, then I must be a pineapple house. 🍍 Because I knew one thing without which you can’t live.
I will bring the sauce; you get the buns. Let’s make a Krabby patty.
Are you SpongeBob? Because I want to visit your bikini bottom. :-*
Girl! I need you just the way Plankton needs secret formula.
Hey! I want to live in your bikini bottom. 😈
I will settle for the bikini top 😛 if I can’t get into the bikini bottom.

Funny SpongeBob Pickup Lines

  • It says that call me SpongeBob and take you to the beach and make you sandy cheeks.
  • Is there a SpongeBob that you might be having in your pants, making you happy, or are you glad to see me?
  • Do you want to go to our sandcastles and then see which bikini bottom will fall first?
  • Do you want to get crusty? You know I have crabs.
  • If we have a scale that starts from zero and goes up to SpongeBob, how much do you like me?
  • If you were to be a SpongeBob, then I must have wished to be a pineapple house because that is something that you would never live without, and it would have become me.
  • My love is immense, and it’s so much that I want to compare it with Squidward’s nose, and it’s even bigger than it.
  • If I had to tell you that I will never stop loving you in a subtle way, then I would have said that my love would stop for you the day the SpongeBob would get a license.
  • Hello baby? Are you SpongeBob? As I desire to visit your bikini bottom.
  • Hello baby girl. You are as easy as the Sunday mornings are.
  • I love you, the wat Mr Krabs loves money.
  • I love you the way SpongeBob is in love with his job.
  • If I was to be a SpongeBob and you would be a Patrick, what do you think about showing the secret box to me? Would you do that or not?
  • If my heart was meant to be a harpoon, I would have thrust it upon you.
  • Would you tell me that you are don’t want to have my squid ward in your sandy cheeks?
  • I need you so much in my life that I compare my need with the need for a secret formula by Plankton.
  • What do you suggest? Your sandcastle or my sandcastle?
  • I think your name must be Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen as I consider my number one.
  • Don’t think that you are Patty only; you are pretty patty.

Almost everyone has social media nowadays. People purposelessly are scrolling down their screens, and if you do the same, you must have seen SpongeBob down your newsfeed. It is a cartoon character, and it has been a sensation for its dark, sarcastic, funny pick-up lines.

This article would provide you with entertaining SpongeBob pickup lines. We hope that you would enjoy all of them.

SpongeBob is one of the most famous characters with his pickup lines. The reason behind this fame is that people find it funny and very easy to relate them with their own lives. The above-mentioned lines are very intellectually funny. You find some of them as very sarcastic, too, but sarcasm itself is a genre of comedy, and SpongeBob’s pickup lines have given the best to make you laugh.

These Funny and dirty SpongeBob pick-up lines are best suited for those who are impressed by SpongeBob cartoons. Use these chat-up lines on your crush. We hope that these SpongeBob pick-up lines will help you in your cause.

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