59+ Best Rugby Pick up Lines (Dirty Sports, Funny, Flirty Pun Jokes)

Get the latest Rugby pick-up lines to use on guys. Rugby or football is not just a sport; it’s an emotion for many. As a matter of fact, the coolest guys in college are rugby players. Therefore, if you know someone who loves rugby, it would be best to start with a rugby girl and boy pickup line on Reddit. Moreover, you are not limited to just conversation starters you can use them as Tinder openers and chat-up lines for friends.

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Trendy Rugby Pickup Lines for Him

You look like a perfect 10 to me
I’d give you a red card, but I don’t have a number yet.
Rugby players are known for big tackles.
I like trying different positions, and I never wear protection. What? Yea, I play rugby
can you show me how odd-shaped your balls are?
I’d hit that
I’m a lock, but I could be your rock
Were you sin-binned earlier? It must be illegal to look that good.
Do you play rugby? Because you knocked me off my feet
How about we kick off a new relationship tonight?
What’s your favorite position?
I’m good with my hands
Just like Italy, I’ll never finish first
Would you like to wrap it around?
Do you like odd-shaped balls?
Do you wear protection?
Would you like to roll with my maul?
Are you a front-rower? Because I want to stick my head between your legs
Would you like to catch my up and under?
Are you going to ask me out soon, or do I need to call a delay of game penalty?
I am a Rugby Player. Well, that all I do!
Why can’t Jesus play rugby? He won’t support the hooker
Scrum with me?
Let’s couch, bind and engage.
Come inside me
I’m a trier!
Would you go down on it?
My girlfriend is the best hooker in the country. All her fellow rugby players agree.
I would love to scrum with you
Are you a hooker?

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Smooth & Silly Rugby Flirting Lines

You’ve got to get your first tackle in early, even if it’s late.
Scrum me, maul me, ruck me!
Rugby: Where only our women wear pads, but only for five days
What are you doing this Saturday? I’ve got a rugby match, but I’d rather ruck with you
Do you prefer two-hand or full-touch contact?
What’s it time for? Rugby pickup lines!
What rugby position does Stevie Wonder play? Blindside flanker.
I’m not a rugby player, but I can last for 80 minutes, and I know 15 different positions
Saw that knock-on; maybe I can get you knocked up?
Can I get my head in your scrum
Do you play for a rival rugby team? Cause I want to take you out.
Ay, ay yo, gurl. Just saw that kick. Maybe I can get my ball in yo goalposts later.
Hey girl, how about you make like the Patriots and deflate these balls.
Nice tackle!
You’re so hot, I’d let you penetrate my defense.
Why are Jedi so bad at rugby? Because there is no try.
My ground, 80 minutes, 15 positions, wanna RUCK?
Ay, ay yo, gurl. Lemme get my hands in yo ruck
Do you play rugby? You have nice legs, what time do they open?
Are you a front-rower? Because I want to stick my head between your legs.
I can put it in straight
Are you a rugby player? Because I want you to play with my odd-shaped balls.
Mind if I crouch, hold, and engage with you?
Do you play rugby? Because you look like a hooker
The thing I like about cracks: The deeper you get, the better it feels.
I wish you were on the football team because I’d love to see your backfield in motion.

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This calls for the end of our collection of rugby pick up lines. However, make sure that you only use the dirty ones with someone you know, e.g., your girlfriend.


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