99+ Best Original Pick up Lines to use on Guys

Here are the latest smooth and super original pick up lines to use on Reddit. Flirting is a game of luck. If you succeed, you can win a date, but you might be hurt a little bit if you failed. In other words, flirting phrases are used to show your feelings and interest in that person. If you want to get to know someone instantly, some clever chat-up line can complete your desire quickly. Chat-up lines used as conversation starters can break the ice and melt the heart.

Most Funny Original Chat up Lines

What do you do for a living, besides being sexy?
Because I’ve fallen for you, I must be a snowflake.
Are you from the state of Tennessee? Because you’re the only one of the ten I see!
 You’d be Optimus Prime if you were a Transformer.
Are you the recipient of a parking ticket? You have the word FINE written all over you.
 I wish I had crossed eyes so that I could see you twice.
Oh, girl, you take my breath away; I wish you know CPR.
Babe, you have got “fine” written on you. Are you a parking ticket?
I can see a very innocent soul through your eyes.
If you were a vegetable, you would be a spicy green chili.
Pretty lady, I don’t know what I wanted in a woman until I saw you today.
The more of you I drink in, the better I women you a fine wine?
You have so many attractive curves, but your lips are my favorite
Hands up, you are under arrest because you are the hottest girl in this room.
Will you please arrest me and take me with you? I have fallen for you.
Beautiful girl, you would look more beautiful in my arms.
Could you try calling on my phone? I think there is something wrong with my phone.
You’d be the hottest song on the album if you were a song.
After seeing you, I don’t want to dream again
Do you remember me? We have already met in my dream.
You’d be a juicy mango if you were a fruit.
If beauty were number, you would be infinity.
How could you manage to be all three attractive, sexy and cute?
Are you feeling cold? I can warm your hands with my hands.

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How to come up with Original Flirting Lines

If I want to say goodnight later, what phone number should I use?
Are you a grim reaper? You have just taken my soul.
Girl, you intoxicate me. I am not drunk.
I’d start reading a love story last week, and if you are interested, I want to discuss it with you, (boring)
Oh, you look familiar. You look just like my next girlfriend.
I want to call you to mine, do you have a name.
Baby, can I say a poem for you?
The grass is green. My heart is clean. The sky is blue. I am in love with you.
Would you mind coming with me? You are the kind of girl my mom told me to bring to her.
After looking at you for 0.5 seconds, I am in love with you.
Who is your painter? I think you are truly a work of art.
Pretty girl, your eyes are blue like the ocean. I want to see a sunset in your eyes.
I am religious, and you are the answer to all my prayers.
You’re like sweet chocolate. You’re giving me a toothache.
Do you mind if I check you out? I don’t have my library card.
Is your name is bubbly? Because you are making me feel bubbly inside.
Is your name is Alice? My body is a wonderland.
I can’t concentrate on what I am doing. Why are you so attractive?
I want to make my ex jealous. Can I take a selfie with you?
Your juicy lips are meant to be kissed. Girl, don’t waste them.
I want to blow you like a candle.
Can I keep you? I like collecting cute little things.
I promise I will get back it to you, can I borrow a kiss from you


Some chat-up lines are cheesy, some are straightforward, but mostly they are ridiculous, but many times tinder starters are very effective for initiating the conversation. Here are a unique and original collection of chat up lines. And of course, who doesn’t like the play full personality you have?

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