|49+| Best Orange Pick up Lines (Cute, Funny Orange Fruit Jokes)

Here is the latest Orange Pick up lines to use on goys. An orange a day keeps you awake for the prey. Everyone loves oranges, and it is great to talk about colored pick-up lines. Therefore, we have compiled the largest collection of Orange pickup lines for conversation starters and chat-up lines. You can use these magical words to attract anyone, even though a tinder starter and also for valentine’s day.

Fruit Puns

Are you the color orange like pumpkin pies? Because I can never have enough of you.
My heart longs to take you to Orange County and stay with you there forever.
You’re the grenadine in my tequila sunrise. Without you, I’m just alcoholic orange juice.
Roses are red, berries are blue, oranges are orange, and you are cool.
You have sight great eyesight! Is it because you keep your eyes peeled?
An orange a day will get you closer to this doctor.
Should I peel you or eat you with your peels?
I’m sure you won’t fail our relationship test like an orange that failed a drinking test because it kept peeling out.
Oranges are the kind of citrus fruit I like best. Can you come over so that I prepare you some orange juice?
Can we go home and take some algebra? We will have the whole night to compare oranges to apples.
I love my orange juice, and I like you too. That’s why I want to drink my juice before I eat your pulp.
Is juice day your favorite day of the week? Because I want to make, next week be one.
Are you glad to see that orange, or are you just happy?
I thought you were drinking Coca-Cola only to realize it was a Fanta sea.
Do you know why I like you like I like my orange juice? Because you concentrate.
How about dinner? I fix a great pan-seared Curelom with orange juice and sprite reduction sauce.
I was figuring out how to make you orange juice when you come over.
Time is ripe for us to have more words that rhyme with orange.
Can we have a date tomorrow so that we can go to my orange farm and prune orange trees?
They told me I would fail to take you home like an orange that failed a driving test because it kept peeling out. Will you disappoint them?
Are you an orange? Cause damn, you’re juicy

Cheesy & Funny Orange pickup Lines Tagalog

Knock knock! Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Orange, you going to ask me to self-isolate with you?
Orange is a step back. Girl, YOU are the new black. Just listen to this remix. I want you instantly like Netflix.
You must be an angel, ’cause you’ve turned me into orange mush.
Are you a small orange? Because you’re a cutie
You are orange, and I wanna remove all of the stuff on the outside and eat the inside
You must be orange. Cause you looked like a cutie today
Do you live on the orange line? Because if so, we could save each other seats and make this a regular rendezvous.
Are you an orange? Because I would suck up all your juices.
Orange, you glad citrus is finally in season?
I can take you to an orange juice factory for a weekend if you promise to peel out tonight
Knock knock! Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Orange, you going to ask me to self-isolate with you?
Would you like a date? NO! How about an orange then.
Orange, you glad we matched
You’re like the orange piece, beautiful and hard to come by.
Hey, are you fire? Cause you’re really orange
Got any lines referencing a clockwork orange? I really don’t want to fuck this one up.
Are you an overpriced orange? Cause’ you look premium quality.
Hello there, luscious ladies down at the end of the fence dressed in orange and green. It’s me, over here, in the bright blue hat.
If you were an orange, I would grind you to a pulp and drink you every day.
I’m told that you are so sweet that you sweat orange juice.
It will be so cool spending a night with you because you are always juiced up and ready to go.

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