33+ Best Olivia Pick Up Lines (Rodrigo Lines)

Here is the latest Olivia Pick up lines to use on guys. If you are shy, don’t waste your time on chat-up lines and sleep early because those tinder starters don’t play around with people who are too much to shy to express their feelings. So a simple hi, and hello is not enough to disappoint you when you don’t get a positive response.

Top Trendy Funny Olivia chat up lines

Olivia, you have a charming smile.
Is your name Olivia? Because olives are very good for health.
I always use Olivia on my table. I mean olive.
Hey Olivia, I think you are the most charming lady in this room.
Hi Olivia, you are like a treasure, and I want to explore you.
Olivia, do you want one ugly boyfriend?
I want to make a beautiful mistake tonight. Can you teach me, Olivia?
You have something cute on your face. Oh, it’s your Olivia smile.

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Oh, your name is Olivia? Are you a model?
Do you know? A life lived in love will never be dull,
Olivia, you are perfect, but all you need is my love.
Olivia, can you come with me? I will keep you in my garden because an olive tree is a symbol of love and dignity.
Olivia, did you smile? Or the sun came out.
There is a side view, river view, and what else Olivier.

Corny and Cheesy Flirting lines

Excuse me. I think you drop it. Olivia: what? Boy: my phone number.
Olivia, I’m here. What is your next wish?
Olivia, I keep getting lost in your eyes. Do you have a map?
Do you have a charger? Can you charge me?
I want you in my breakfast. I want you in my lunch because Olivia is very good for health.
Olivia, you are like my appendix, I don’t know your function in my life, but I can die without you.

Here are some trendy chat-up lines that you can pick as your conversation starters to start a date or maybe lead someone dry with nothing but enough to make someone smile.

The dating field is not level. If you play on it with an unsuitable bad and dirty chat line, you’d probably fall on the ground.

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