[25+] Best Italian pick up Lines (Duolingo, in italiano, Dirty Pun)

Here are the new Bad, Dirty, funny Italian pickup lines for guys to use on Reddit. Italian is said to be the most romantic language. If your crush is Italian or you want to navigate the romantic date to your lover successfully, it is the best time to learn Italian phrases and vocabulary. You can call them with some romantic Italian words like CARO/CARA – Dear, AMORE MIO – My love, CURE MIO -My heart or TESORO MIO My treasure.

Bad Italian Chat-up Lines Tagalog

hai gli occhi più belli sulla Terra (you have most pretty eyes on earth )
hai due Stelle scintillanti negli occhi(you have two sparkling stars in your eyes)
sei così speciale e mi sono innamorato di te.(you are so special and I am falling for you)
 hey baby, vieni dal paradiso o io sono in paradiso?(Hey baby, are you from heaven, or I am in heaven)·  Credo nell’amore a prima vista, e penso di essere innamorato di te.(i believe in love at first sight and I think i am in lovee with you)

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Mi piace il tuo stile sexy(I like your sexy style)
quando sono con te, sono molto più me stesso(when I’m with you, I’m much more than me)
ragazza, la mia esistenza sulla terra è solo per te(girl, my existence on earth is only for you)
sei come un tesoro, e voglio scoprirti(you are like treasure to me and I want to discover you)
Per favore, chiama i vigili del fuoco, perché mi hai incendiato l’udito.(please call the fire brigade, because you set my heart on fire)
voglio amare il mio tempo con te(I want to cherish my time with you)
ragazza, ho bisogno di te al mio fiasco(girl, I need you by my side)
da quando ti ho incontrato, non-riesco a smettere di pensarti(Since the time I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you)

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Bad Italian Flirting Lines for Girls and Boys

mayvi chiedere direzione al ​​tuo cuore?(may I ask for direction to your heart?)
dormirai con me? ho perso il mio coniglietto(will you sleep with me?i lost my bunny)
mi hai appena sorriso o è uscito il sole?(did you just smile at me, or did the sun come out?)
dimmi solo quando iniziare? sarò tuo per sempre. (tell me when to start? I will be yours forever)
mi dispiace, ma posso chiamarti mia? perché non so come ti chiami(I’m sorry, but can I call you to mine? Because I don’t know your name)
lo sai, lo spazio tra le mie dita è pensato per le tue dita( do you know the gaps between my fingers, is meant for your fingers)
nel momento in cui ti vedo, il mio cuore dimentica di battere e i miei occhi dimenticano di battere le palpebre.( the moment I see you, my heart forget to beat and my eyes forget to blink)
credi nel destino? Perché ora credo nelle fate, ( do you believe in fate? Because now I believe in fairies,)
ragazza, hai un bel sorriso( girl, you have a pretty smile)
sei una donna incredible, posso portarti a cena stasera? ( you are an incredible woman, can I take you to dinner tonight?) Straight forward pick-up line.

The Italian language is very sweet and romantic. Italy is a nation of romance, but their dating strategies are very complicated but do not get scared because every woman wants the man to go after her.

Italians are considered the most flirtatious nation in the world. Italian women are very difficult to pursue. They will keep men waiting for them, and men thrive off the waiting game and love to chase the difficult women. The Italian language can overcome the cheesiness of chat-up lines. Eye contact is the initial invitation for romance if you succeed in this stage, Mamma Mia… The next step is to determine the right conversation starters, using as the chat up lines. Here in this article, I will help you out with Italian flirting skills, and these Italian tinder starters will open your dating gate along the way.

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