55+ Best Islamic Pick up Lines (Muslim, Dirty, Lines)

Get the latest Funny, Cheesy Islamic pick up lines to use on Reddit. Love within boundaries is an accepted fact of life. Islam does not forbid love and focuses more on emotional intimacy. We can use language to give the meaning world around us. Young Muslims are now relying on their version of halal dating.

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Eye Rolling Halal Islamic chat up Lines for Guys

Your Iman is like your hijab, perfect and beautiful.
The fun of love is then when beloved meet as mahram.
My whole world is in you, don’t leave me alone.
I want to be with you in your fair and your isha.
Love is a passion called faith. Will you be my faith?
Will you be my “Rabbaitul bait”?
Will you be my “Real love” because it began when we decided to make it halal.
 I think tomorrow is eid day because I just saw the moon in your eyes.
Hey, my girl! You are the most beautiful “fitnah” in the world.
When I first saw you, I said mashallah, then inshallah.
Are you a Shia Muslim? Because I thought to myself when I saw you, “She aiight. You’re so nice, I want to marry you, have kids with you, and pray domestic jamaah for the rest of our lives.
You’re a thief. In Islam, it is forbidden to steal “”What makes you think I’m a thief?
“You took my heart,” says the narrator. Because you’ve spent the entire day performing Tawaaf in my head?
How would you want to assist me in completing half of my jihad?
Ankles are quite nice. Nicely done. “
I know “paying” so much “interest” in you is haraam…but I can’t help myself… want to ride shotgun on my camel?
TAKBEER, you’re alright, girl. You’re so hot, girl, that you make Shaytan sweat.
In my eyes, you are the noor.
Hey, would you like to pray with me? Should I call you or should I text you?

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Cheesy Muslim Flirting Lines

What are you doing single? When Allah created everyone in pairs.
I want to be your mahram.
Please can you give me your number? I want to wake you up for tahajjud.
Can I have a date? I want to break my fast.
What are you doing on earth? I think you are the Hoor from Jannat.
Girl, when I first saw you, I said mashAllah, then I imagined our future. I said inshAllah, and now I want to say Alhamdulillah.
I believe that it must be the Lailatulqadr so that the angels come down from heaven.
Your eyes look more attractive in the hijab.
Let’s pray together.
I can make tawaf around you all day long.
Alhamdulillah! Allah, give me everything except your number.
Girl! I think you know what I mean, will you help me to complete my deen?
I think you are hotter than Jahannam.
Wanna date? I bought a full box of dates for Ramadan.
You stole my heart, like slippers in the masjid.
Hey girl, to watch you pray is a sin of its own.
I want to share my prayer mat with you.
I want to go on hajj with you, will you be my mahram?
I want you to be the queen of my Hurs in Jannat.
Hey girl! Will you let your beautiful feet become the Jannat for my babies?

The young Muslim generation has also begun to explore online dating. Some halal conversation starters are important for tying the knots. Buttering your crush about her qualities(which she does not have) is sometimes a good thing.  Although flirting is forbidden In Islam,  you can make it precious with halal relationships, To keep things smooth, here are some halal chat-up lines for your conversation starters that add an unusual twist to your modern halal relationship. Let these tinder starters chat up lines guide your way.

These chat-up lines can make your haram conversation starters into halal tinder starters. So that you can make your lonely little feel a little bit less lonely. Enjoy!

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