68+ Best Hockey Pick up Lines [Flirty, Cheesy, Dirty Puns]

Are looking for the Latest hockey pick up lines to use on guys. if yes.. then you are at the right place. You know you can also smash others with hockey pick-up lines clean instead of a hockey stick. If you don’t then now you will know how to smash someone with these puns. Our collection of new appreciate hockey fan pick-up lines will help in conversation starters, chat-up lines, tinder openers, and many more. Feel free to smash someone with these pickup lines.

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Top Field Hockey Player Pick up Lines Reddit

Nice Skates…Wanna Cross the Blue Line with Me?
My skate blade is not the only thing made of steel.
Wanna eat something?
Life is better when we stick together.
If you were a puck, I will never shoot. Because I will always miss you.
If I can’t score, can I at least get an assist?
People call me a dirty player but let’s see how dirty we can get.
I promise I’m good for more than just a one-timer.
I may be toothless, sweaty, and all black and blue, but I make a mean quiche Lorain.
I bet my stick would feel great in your crease.
How about we drop the gloves and go at it?
Hi, I’m Zam. How would you like a Zamboni ride?
Hey girl, lemme get a few slapshots on your bum.
Football players get cheerleaders, but hockey players bring them home.
Do you play hockey? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind poke-checking you.
Even though I am the better skater, I would still recruit you for my tonsil hockey team.
Can I slip one past your trendy?
Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
Can I slip one past your goalie?
Girl, I have a long stick wanna look?
You wanna be my equipment manager?
You sweep me off my feet!
Would you like a PUCK?
Well if I can’t score, can I get an assist?
Wanna see my “hat-trick?”
Wanna hip-check?
The ref better gives me 2 for hooking cuz baby I’m hooked on you.
The grip on my stick is custom textured for your pleasure.
Wanna go for a ride on my Zam-boner?
Hey! Babe! Wanna screw?

Funny Ice Hockey Pick up Lines for Her/Him

If you want to play ice hockey, do these tricks and make yourself warm babe.
I can promise you I am built for a game and I can go on as many times as you want me to.
I am better than a one-timer, baby, I can go on for as many rounds as you want, let’s see?
You must be into hockey because I can see your stick just out of that pants of yours standing
Just try to block me, I’ll hold on to my stick and push hard.
You might be a goalie but I swear I am scoring on you tonight, no matter what blocks me.
If you are into hockey, you can consider the deal done if you put your puck into my own goal.
I know you are tired but I’m not, I am willing to go into the penalty box together with you.
I know you are tired but I’m not, I am willing to go into the penalty box together with you.
If you were a penalty, I’d love to go inside of you.
Baby, if hockey is your thing I can hook you up real good and teach you to play better.
Have you ever tried kissing someone with no teeth, you get a lot of tongue action, believe me?
My name is just Stanley and if you want, I can show you my cup in private, come to me now.
I want to give you this stick of mine and use its full length then puck you good and slow.
You want to try out for the hockey team, you must let me test you out first since I’m a player.
If you just slide straight into me, I am going to let you have a score all night, come try it out.
The only thing that I want to be holding on to right now would be your boobs, my darling.
They say players with the puck have big sticks, I can show you mine in the bed right now.
What do you say we score together tonight?
Want to be in my tonsil hockey team?
The Iceman cometh but not before you.
Is your box free?
I need to come in for a penalty.
I’d miss you every time.
can I try a you-hole?
good at slap shots.
I’m a hockey player.
I always wear protection
my penis is also made of steel.

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