51+ Best Engineering Pick up Lines (Funny, Dirty, Flirty, Jokes Puns)

Check out the latest Engineering Pick up lines to use on guys. Engineers are adorable creatures because they get minimum interaction with girls in their whole careers Especially Civil and electrical engineers. Therefore, they have little to no experience when it comes to picking on girls. Our collection of best engineering Chat-up lines for software and computer engineers will help you out as both Tinder openers or  Reddit and conversation starters.

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Mechanical+Chemical Engineering Pick up Lines Tagalog

If I’d be a high-resistance wire, you must be a high amp current. Know why? It’s because of how hot you’re making me feel.
Are you negative? I’m positive I’m attracted to you.
Tell me you’re a carbon sample because I want to date you.
Baby, you are the perfect switch. You always turn me on.
Baby, have you ever thought about why we resonate together? We must share the same natural frequency.
My love for you is a constant, with a differential of zero and no concavity.
Linux is red; Windows is blue. Let me show you what my vector can do.
Please tell me you’re an electron because you have me electrified.
Are you negative? Because I’m positive and attracted to you.
Were your parents engineers? Because you have a nice design.
You must be a linear time-invariant system because I know exactly where my impulse signal wants to go.
Baby, the sight of your body creates stress in my heart and a strain on my beam.
I miss you so hard; diamond would break easier than glass.
I’m the unique solution that exists for your differential equation.
Can I handle your systems analysis?
Hey baby, I’m an engineer. I can mend your broken heart.
Please allow me to keep the term forever?
When I see you, the frequency of pulse increases…. I think I need a regulator -> Your love!
What do you say we make some kinetic energy with our bodies?
With your consent, we can convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.

Physics Flirting Lines

Computer+Software Engineering Flirting Lines

We have so much potential … let’s make it kinetic.
Hey, want to come over and help me find my mattress’s spring constant?
Hi, can I check out your DataBase?
Hi, you are my Turn Key Project
Hey, You be sin2(x), I’ll be cos2(x), and together we’ll be one.
If you were a math function, I’d like to be your derivative. Want to know why? So I’d lie tangent to you.
How would you like to come with me to my lab and work on my microprocessor?
You have got some great elevation skills; try doing that again.
Hey baby, dance with me. Let’s put our inertia in motion.
Let’s come together and take a measurement of the coefficient of static friction between you and me.
I am an engineering student. Should I be doing your analysis on that system of yours?
Oh, oh, oh. You have curves like a sine function.
Can I do your systems analysis?
Solve this equation for me, will you? Y = |sin(x)}|+ 5e-x^100 cos(x); x= -3 to 3.
You’re like a 250W halogen bulb. You brighten my life.
What has a differential of zero and has no concavity? My love for you, because it’s constant.
Hi, call me Relay because I want to turn you on.
From the moment I first saw you, I knew immediately that we’d be perfect in an orbital together.
I like you so much, I’ll give you my x = 16 sin3 t; y = 13 cos t – 5 cos (2t) – 2 cos (3t) – cos (4t). Seriously, Google it.
The frequency of my pulse increases when I see you. I need your love to act as the regulator.
You’re more intriguing to me than the Hodge conjecture.
I’m into civil engineering. You can send all your free body diagrams to me.
We’re as compatible as two similar Tablets.
We’d make the perfect couple. Trust me. I’m an engineer!
Are you a function generator? Because I’m getting mixed signals from you.
I thought the fundamental theorem of calculus was fascinating until I met you.
Gravity is not a problem; even without it, I am going to fall for your sweet smile.
You know what? You’re the source of the fluctuation in my heartbeat.
The golden ratio of your face s no doubt 0.32 because you’re just so gorgeous.
After studying for many years, I’ve finally found my X in you, the X-Factor of my life.
You’re hotter than a Bunsen burner set to maximum burning power.
Your calculator is really nice. I hope you wouldn’t hold it to me for saying that, girl.

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To wrap it up, civil and electrical engineers are perfect for every girl. They are cute, adorable, smart, and have no interaction with other girls. Whoever gets to hear your engineering pickup lines should know that she’s very lucky.

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