99+ Best Corny Pick up Lines for Him/Her (Funny/Cute/Super)

Check out the funny, cute, super corny pickup lines to use on her/him. If you want to show someone how confident you are, Corny Pick-up lines are a better choice for conversation starters; we categorized these chat-up lines to easily find out which tinder starters are good for you on Reddit or in real life. But use them at your own risk!

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Funny Corny Pick up Lines for Girls & Boyfriend

Get the list of really non not corny pick-up lines Tagalog for tinder for guys and boyfriend DMS.
You’ve been a naughty young lady. Please come to my room.
Hello, my name is Scott Kelly, and my next assignment is to investigate Uranus.
If I roll a dice, what do you think my chances are of getting head
Legs are the word of the day. Let us return to your location and spread the news.
I want to be Alice in your body because it’s a wonderland.
Why don’t we just rehearse if you want to have children with me?
Do you have any ideas about what would look well on you? Me
Sit on my lap and say the first thing that comes to mind.
Is it viable that you farted because you completely blew me away?
Because your physique is kickin’, do you know karate?
Were you previously detained? It has to be against the law to look that wonderful.
Your Daddy had to be a baker because you have the most beautiful set of buns I’ve ever seen.
Hey sweetheart, you must be a light switch because every time I see you, you turn me on
You’re so hot that the plastic in my underpants has melted.
If you tickle my pickle, I’ll give you a nickel.
You’re like milk, and I just want to include you in my full breakfast. I hope there’s a fireman nearby because you’re hot!
Do you have a cigarette? (No!) You are, without a doubt!
Hey, I just noticed that, but you remind me a lot of my next girlfriend.
I get a tan just looking at you since you’re so hot.
You’re causing me a toothache because you’re so cute.
Do you believe in an afterlife? So, I assume you already know why I’m here.
Are you from the state of Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten, I’ve seen in a long time.

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Cheesy Corniest Jokes Chat up Lines

Were you previously detained? It has to be against the law to look that wonderful.
Would you let me crack a nut in your pit if we were both squirrels?
Recently, my lips have been feeling a little lifeless. Do you want to try some mouth-to-mouth?
 I recently reviewed my schedule, and I think I’ll be able to get you pregnant before Christmas.
I resemble Domino’s Pizza. The next one is free if I don’t show up in 30 minutes.
If I could reshuffle the letters, I’d put you between F and CK…
Hello, I’m looking for a treasure and would like to check into your chest.
Are you a gay man? (No) Wow, neither do I, so let’s get this party started.
Do you want to go to a carnival? You sit on my face, and I have to guess how much you cost.
Let only latex stand in the way of our love.
You’ll have a place to sit as long as I have a face, sweetie.
There’s a party going on in my pants, and you’re invited.
Are you a fan of chicken? I’m afraid I don’t have any, but how about a cock?
So, how much does a BJ cost?
Do you have a chicken farm where you live? (No) You sure know how to raise cocks
That’s a fantastic shirt you’ve got there. Is it possible for me to persuade you to reconsider?
Is it possible that I’ve met you before? Because I don’t recognize you in your current attire
I’d like to see you in your birthday suit.
I can read your mind, and sure, I will sleep with you.
Can I eat you out because I’m a zombie?
I’m an explorer, and I’d like to learn more about you.
I’ve lately qualified as a gynecologist, and I’d want to give you my pro-boner services
What button would I have to press to get you to go down if you were an elevator?
Give me that booty and treat me like a pirate.
What makes a Ferrari different from an erection? I do not own a Ferrari.
70% of your body is made up of water, and I’m thirsty.
I just want an A in school. I just want to F with you.
Tell your jugs to look away from my eyes.

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