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99+ Best Anime Pick up Lines (Worst, Funny, Dirty)

Top listed anime pick-up lines for flirting. We all love to live in an animated world; Every girl portrays herself as a magical world. So the best way to flirt with sweet girls is the chat-up lines. If you want to make someone your own with your magical words, use some unique tinder starters or Reddit in a stylish way to get a dating night.

Initiate with conversation starters and complete it with a romantic night. Visit the magical world with us, and explore the world of beauty and dates. Let’s begin the journey of animals with cheesy, Flirty, and bad Conversation Starter!

Anime Pickup Lines List

Hello there, lady. Do you think you’re Cinderella? Because your outfit is going to vanish at midnight, I had a thoughts

Hey there, lady – I’m the country’s best rider. Just for you, I summoned the dragon.  It’s now up to you to make your fantasy a reality

Do you want to join me in gathering the balls and summoning the dragon baby?

Do you want to see what else can be stuffed into a pouch

You may not be able to fly, but you make my heart beat fasten.

It’s either go out with me or die. L


Don’t tell me you’re an artist; you’re the solo work of art in this room.

Hey babe, want to remake Cinderella with me

Happily, I can flllaaayyyy! Want to go on a date with me?

Our love is over 9000. Know what I am Saiyan? (Dragon Ball)

Do you believe in fate? How about you stay the night? (Fate)

Are you a trap card? Because I’ve Fallen for you. (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Baby, you can call me your prince charm.

I don’t need 99 souls. All I need is yours. (Soul Eater)

Did you like Ghostory? How about making our story? (Ghostory)

You’re hotter than the Amaterasu.

I know you are sleeping, beauty, waiting for my kiss.

I’m sure I’m in Infinite Tsukuyomi since you’re like a dream come true. 

Do you have a pen?.  I want to write to you that you are mine.

Let’s go on a date on my magical carpet.

Do you believe in fate? I think you are Jasmine, and I’m Aladin.

I’ve fallen in love with you; I want to explore your enchanted castle.

What did you think of Ghostory? Let’s play a Chinese ghost story; you can bewitch me with your beauty.

I know a secret that no one can find; you have a big hidden treasure of chest.

You must be Pumbaa because whenever I smile.

Do you want to live with me at my enchanted castle

Which do you prefer tonight, my forest or your castle

My clothes have a snake in them!

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Clever Anime Chat up Lines – Say these things to your girl

Hello, ho. Sha-la-la-la-la-la, Don’t be afraid; you’ve practiced your movements, and you want to kiss me, girl.

Youze Poppin’, aye Mary.

Do you have a sense of love tonight?

I have the ability to transport you to infinity and beyond.

I’m like Nemo in front of your eyes. You’d best track me down.

Hello there, Cinderella. Call me at midnight, because I’ll make your dress vanish when I arrive.

I want to be with you, Oobee Doo. True, I want to walk with you and converse with you.

Beauty, I’m going to make you want to spend more time in bed with me than sleeping.

Am I a monster? Because you are undeniably attractive.

All I want is you, honey, so call me Pooh.

I have the ability to transport you to infinity and beyond.

Because you’ve got my heart racing, I must be Lightning McQueen.

You are a part of my life’s circle.

Some people believe Disneyland is the happiest location on the planet. None of them appear to have ever been in your arms.

Tonight, can you feel the love? Feel it in my fantasy world.

Is Ariel your given name? I believe we are mermaids for each other.

I’d show you around my universe, but I’m sure you have one.

I believe you are a girl worth defending.

You take love to infinity and beyond, dammit.

You would be my pleasant notion if I were Peter Pan.

You might be my Boo, even though my name isn’t Sully. Could you please assist me? I’m running late for a crucial meeting with you.

If you rub my light, I’ll grant all of your requests.

Is the magic carpet the same color as the drapes, Jasmine?

I have the ability to make any fairy moan…

All I have to do now is ring Tink’er’bell.

Poke-her-contrast is something I’d like to do.

Ask me to lie while you sit on my face…

What? You’ve never had a Pinocchio moment?

I’ll make you Buzz for light years if you give me a Woody.


New Anime Pick up Lines for Flirting (Worst, Funny, Dirty 2021)
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New Anime Pick up Lines for Flirting (Worst, Funny, Dirty 2021)
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