56+ Really Awful Pick up Lines for Your Crush (Stupid, Worst, Dirty)

Awful pickup lines are perfect for injecting the fun in your conversation starters. You can easily use them in every hit. These awful chat-up lines will surely give you a big smile, but if you want to know have any of these ever worked? You have to take the risk to use these tinder starters and Reddit to initiate the conversation; once you get that smile, it means you are the legend of the Stupid pick-up lines.

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God Awful Pick up Lines Tagalog

Nice package. Let me unwrap that for you,
Oh my! My hands are cold.
Can I stick them down your pants to warm them up?
I’ll see you in my bed tonight, my lioness!
I’m not a weatherman, but a couple more inches are on the way tonight.
Your body makes me thirsty. Do you have some water?
I’m not a dentist, but I’m sure I could put a filling in your tooth.
Do you work as an archaeologist? Because I’ve got a big bone, I’d like you to look at it.
What was your name, exactly? Tonight, I want to be sure I’m screaming the correct name.
Is it possible that you’re a light switch? Because you have a way of turning me on.
What else do you do for a living other than being exceptionally attractive?
Are you exhausted? Do you want to modify it?
Because I’m dying for your wood, I must be a beaver.
My body is made up of 206 bones. But when I see you, it becomes  207.
I’ve been told I’m Vitamin D deficient. Could you please assist me?
You look fantastic in that sweater. I’m sure I would as well!
Is it necessary for me to sign for your package?
I was having a bad day until you came by and turned me on.
Are you a blazing bonfire? Because you’re sultry, and I’m hungry for more.
Do you mind if I remove those jeans, which appear to be of good quality?
I can’t wait to unwrap your box because it’s Christmas.
Do you think you’re a woodchuck? I’m able to see your wood because I can see it.
Hold on; there’s something on your behind…my eyes.
Can you sleep with me because I’m having difficulties sleeping alone?
Are you a test? Because I’ve been obsessively studying you.
Can I borrow you for tonight? I lost my bunny.
Are you a machine that cleans clothes? Because I want to entrust you with my filthy laundry.
Did you sit on a sugar strew? Because you’re such a sweetheart.
Would you blow me up if I were a balloon?
Do you have room in your mouth for an extra tongue?
Do you have a mirror in your wallet? I swear I can see myself in your underwear.
If you wish to apply, I’m accepting applications—requirements include your phone number.
Do you want to join me for a meal? Later, I’ll give you the D.
When you fell from the vending machine, did it hurt? You’re a snack, after all!
I appear to have misplaced my phone number; may I have yours?
I may not be remembered in history, but you will remember me.
Every chair in the world would be hidden so that you’d have to sit on my face.
Do you have any idea what’s on the menu? Men-u.
Is it okay if I kiss you? It’s like a French kiss, but this time it’s in Australia!
Do you work at Build-a-Bear Workshop? Because I’d suffocate you.
Because we’re a match, you must be a small bit of red phosphorous, and I must be a tiny wooden stick.
I’m a newcomer to town. Is it possible for you to offer me instructions for your apartment?
Is it better to start with dinner or go straight to dessert?
Do you eat tamales? Because you’re a sizzling hottie.
Is that pair of pants on sale? Because they’re completely free at my establishment!

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Is it true that you are my homework? Because I’m not doing you, despite the fact that I should.
Did I mention I’m working on a book? It’s a phone book, and your number isn’t in it.
What do you have in common with yogurt, cereal, and soup? All of them are things I’d like to spoon.
The color red is associated with roses. Violets are a good choice. You’ll be the number six. I’ll be number nine.
Because I’m going to make that dress vanish at midnight, you must be my Tinderella.
Is there a magnet somewhere in this room? Because I’m attracted to you, sweetie.
What do you think a beautiful person like you is doing in my filthy mind?
I’m sorry, but your lack of nuance bothers me.
Kissing is said to be a love language, so how about starting a discussion with me?
I wasn’t feeling well today, but you really made me feel better.
That jerk is bigger than my entire future.
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