55+ Best Art Pick up Lines for art Lovers (Dirty, Funny, Flirty)

Check out the cute Art Pickup Lines to use on guys. Life is an art, and love is its color; proper use of chat-up lines at the right place and time can bring you closer to your love. If you are in the art gallery and want to hit on someone, you can use these tinder starters and Reddit to initiate your dating life. By using stylish conversation starters with a gentle personality, you can win someone’s heart. You can make your life romantic and colorful with a perfect piece of art as your date So use this good art history Flirting lines for student or teacher also.

Top Trendy Terrible Art Gallery/Museum Pick-up lines 

Suddenly, they understand that this love is a masterpiece hidden behind a posh exhibition. 
Your attractiveness reminds me of a beautiful masterpiece that I’d like to gaze at every day for the rest of my life
Our love is like a grand dance with you in the holy ground and the stars in the sky.
 Your lovely smile is a work of art that can’t be compared to the works of famous artists
I want to paint your grin and imagine a million sunsets in the sky about our passionate love
Like a beautiful Vincent van Gogh picture, I wish to achieve your love in my life. 
Your lovely smile is like the work of a gifted artist who lives on the outskirts of town. Allow me to address you as a lovely lady.
Are you David’s daughter, or did God complete the sculpting of perfection?
You’re the model from my figure drawing class.
I thought I was staring at a Monet at first, but you’re even more stunning up close.
You’re so lovely, baby; you could make an impression on MONET.
I’m higher when I’m with you than when I’m at Rob Pruitt’s ‘Cocaine Buffet.’
You’ve just stolen my heart, so call the Art Loss Register.
Do fries come with a light-and-color contrast?
Do you have an audio tour? I’d like to hear everything there is to know about you.
Isn’t it true that all of these paintings are the same?
Have you ever done a naked photoshoot?
Hey, girl, I’m Rockwell, and I’d want to show you something.
Why don’t you and I go out to the pool and practice our strokes?
Why don’t you and I both go downstairs and practice our strokes?
I came here hoping to see some wonderful art, but I never expected to find such a vision of beauty.
I’m a big fan of anatomy, especially yours.
I may not be a Yves Klein, but if I couldn’t acquire your phone number, I’d be really upset.
I had no idea that living artists could show their work here…
I’d take you to a museum, but they told you couldn’t touch the works of art.
I’d be delighted to draw you. Would you be willing to model for me?
I’d want to put you on my schedule somewhere between V, I, and P.
I’d like to nail you to the wall and hang you up.

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Renaissance Art Flirting Lines Tumblr

Because you’re too lovely to handle, I’d better put on my conservation gloves.
 Would you hold it against me if I told you I admire your body of work?
 Would you be offended if I told you your body resembled Aphrodite from the Met? 
You would be my painting if I were an artist!
I’d put you down in the paint if I were a painter. I’d hang you from the Mona Lisa and humiliate that girl.
 I’d give you a rave review if I were an art critic. 
If I were Tehching Hsieh and you were art, I wouldn’t be able to stop working on you for a year.
 If I were Marina Abramovic, I’d spend the entire day in the MoMA lobby staring at you. 
You’d be fine print if you were words on a page.
 Is that a paintbrush in your pocket, or are you simply delighted to see me? 
Is your father a thief of art? Because you are a work of art. Allow me to be your Frank Gehry, and I’ll ensure that your curves are correctly balanced.
 Your grin intrigues me in the same way that the Mona Lisa smile intrigues me.
Vincent Van Gogh: You have my ear!
 Do you mind if I accompany you on your gallery tour? 
At the museum’s entryway, you had me
. This kind of thing was considered prohibited in the 16th century. How quickly things may change… I’d like to hang you against a wall because you must be a work of art
. I want to get entangled with you,
 get locked in a loop, and then be spewed out right where I started,
 thus you must be a Richard Serra sculpture. I recognize myself in you,
 thus you must be an Anish Kapoor sculpture. 
I’m drawn to you since you seem to be an artist. 
Who carved you? You’re a work of art?
 You’re so lovely that you’d be able to create an effect on Monet.
 You’re like Monet without even realizing it. You’

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