99+ Are You Pick up Lines (Hey Girl, Damn Girl)

Are you serious about dating? Then try these Are you Pickup lines on Reddit and tinder starters to make your life color full. These chat-up lines will take you to the next level of flirting; you can rely on pickup lines as your conversation starters to melt someone’s heart.

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Some of the best cheesy are you, Pick up Lines or Flirting Lines.

Are you from another world? You look like my love from another star.
Are you French? I want to take a french kiss from you.
Are you related to James bond? Because you are damn sexy without any bond.
I’m craving something sweet. Are you a chocolate cake?
Are you from heaven because you seem like an angel to me?
Are you going to a beauty contest? Because you are looking damn beautiful.
Are you from a fairytale? I want to take you to Disney land.
Please don’t get carried away, but do you want some?
Do you work in an elevator? Because I’ll stomp all over you.
Right now, you’re looking fantastic. What else do you think would look amazing on you? Me!
I want an A in school. I want to F with you.
Are you a bowl of Lucky Charms? Because you appear to be magically delectable!
Are your mathematics? I want to solve you.
Do you consume soda? Because you have such a delectable appearance.
Have you got a shovel? Because I’m a sucker for you.
What was your name, exactly? Tonight, I want to be sure I’m screaming the correct name.
That’s a fantastic shirt you’ve got there. Is it okay if I try it on after we’ve had sex?
Are you my homework? Because I’m not doing you, even though I should.
Are you a drill sergeant? Because you’ve got my privates on high alert.
Are you a supermarket sample? Because I don’t want to be ashamed of tasting you over and again.
Are you a lion of the sea? Because I’m sure, I’ll see you in my bed tonight, lion.
Are you the Count Dracula? When you stared at me, you appeared to be a little thirsty.
Are you a trampoline? Because I want to bounce on you.
Only latex should stand in the way of our love.
Do you enjoy eating bacon? Do you want to strip?
Are you a raisin in disguise? Because you’re piquing my interest in a kiss right now.

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I don’t want to see you go, but I enjoy watching you depart.
I’d like to be the devil on your shoulder and the demon on your lips at the same time.
Are you a pile of soiled dishes? Because I want to spend the entire night with you.
I can lift your spirits if you’re down.
Are you a religious person? Because you are the fulfillment of all my wishes.

Hey damn Girl-Boy Are you Pick up Lines Tagalog

Are you Siri? As a result of your autocomplete feature
Are you a sorcerer? Because everyone else vanishes when I look at you.
Are you spaghetti? I want to put sauce on you.
Do you have the power of a volcano? Because I adore you!
How much time do I have? (Huh? (How long until?) Until you must return to heaven.
Feel the fabric of my shirt. It’s constructed of boyfriend-style fabric.
Are you a photographer? Because I grin every time, I see you.
Are your highways? Because I want a long drive on you.
Are you a star? Because you are twinkling at the party.
Are you from history? Because your body looks royal.
We’re not socks, but we make an excellent pair.
Because you just swept me off my feet, you must be a broom.
I would choose you if I had to pick between you and win the jackpot.
It’s not my fault I fell in love; it was you who tripped me up.
Were you a member of the Boy Scouts? You’ve tangled up my heart.
If I’m wrong, kiss me, but I believe you want to be my next boyfriend.
I’m taking a stroll. Would you mind taking my hand in yours?
Are you free tonight? My dog wants to take a walk with this bitch
Are you alone? Nice to meet you, me too.
Are you from heaven? Because I can feel the pure soul from heaven
Are you hungry? I can make “Ramen” for you.
Are you from Korea? Then please call me “oppa.”
Hey, you’ve got a lot of energy. What store do you purchase it from?
I hope our love is as irrational and limitless as the number Pi!
Is it true that you’re my phone charger? I’d die if it weren’t for you.
 Do you have a map with you? Because I’m always getting caught in your gaze!
 I’m pursuing a career as a historian. Finding a date is something I’m particularly interested in.
Are you a lexicographer? Because you make my life more meaningful.

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