99+ Arabic Pick up Lines (Lebanese Dirty Lines)

I am sure you will enjoy these latest Arabic Pickup Lines for use on Reddit. You can make your haram relationship Into a halal relationship by using these amazing Arabic chat up lines. Walking up to someone you are interested in and delivering a chess pick-up line as your conversation starters, may help you melt the ice but not as magical as saying “ I love you” to someone sincerely. Many people used to pick up lines online on their tinder starters as an appetizer.

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Dirty Pick up Lines in Arabic for Muslims

 Try something new Arabian version if you are in an Egyptian or Arab country and you have an ARABIC crush.

When hummus is a must, but a Habibi is still desired
This is the one, and only time you’ll ever be able to touch her hijab.
In any case, Iraq is your world.
What’s your hijab made of when he says, “Let’s get shawarma together because it appears to be wifey material to me!
Is your surname Hussein Habibti? Because you are Saddam S#xy.
You must be a habibti, Israel because you have taken up residence in my heart.
Is it true that your name is Bahrain? Because you’re overheated.
“Girl, you must be like Shaytan because you fell out of Jannah,” says 7elo jismak.
“Will you serve the Ummah by assisting me in completing half of my deen?
Hello there, lady. “Do you believe in the Afterlife? I asked when I first saw you.
 Hey, girl, we’re permitted to marry up to four people… But, because you’re a ten, I don’t think that’s essential.
What are you doing, single? Allah created everyone in pairs, so what are you doing?
“Girl, I’m going to have to break my fast. Is it possible for me to have a date?
Shu esmek, 7ilo jismek? What’s your name, and what’s your body like?
Your priorities are still quite wrong, even if they appear to be straight to the point.
Ir7ameena! Have mercy on us, in other words when beauty becomes too much for a mortal man to bear.
Eb3atli fax, yo2borni hal wax” Goddamn,
I’m in love with the way you waxed; send me a fax. You know those smooth legs aren’t going to send the fax;
it’ll be my BRAIN.
Is it Shu hal ta3jeh or Shu hal na3jeh? Goat, you have a lot of swaggers. You’re a bull if I’m a goat!
Your beauty is more difficult to define than the borders of Israel. Is this supposed to be praise, guys?
Unless you’re being romantic, don’t brag about missing prayer…
“I can’t stop thinking about you” is too mainstream… use this instead.
Are you a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Because I’d like to buy you a drink in Dubai;)
Is it true that you’re an Arab? Because you’re a total badass.
Are you a member of the Arab Spring? Because you smell like Jasmine every time, I see you.
Do you want to be my hummus’ pita bread?
What’s your name, Maryam?
What if I told you that Soorah is my favorite?
Will you be my shai’s na3na3?
Will you be my makloobah’s batata?
When I first saw you, I thought to myself,
I’d want to hookah with you.

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Best Halal & Muslim Flirting Lines In Arabic Style

Your beauty is like “MASHALLAH,” but my thought about you is “ASTAGHFIRULLAH.”
Let’s go masjid together for Nikah.
Have you ever been complimented on your beautiful eyes?
Hey, I just met you, and I know it’s silly, but here’s my father’s phone number, so why don’t you contact him?
I want to be your mahram.
Whenever I see you, I can sense heaven on earth.
You have charming eyes, a pretty face, and a beautiful smile; let’s make a halal relationship with me.
You are the beautiful fitnah on earth.
I’m curious whether your name is Ramadan because I’m starving for your affection.
 You’ve just snatched my heart away from me. And now it’s gone for good.
I just seen a moon in your eyes, girl.
Only you are the only fitnah I can bear.
Wow, you’re stunning! I realize that praying five times a day has been beneficial.
Let’s eat shawarma together.
If I’m shawarma, you are my hummus, and we are incomplete without each other.
I can make you my wife if you can make “ MAKLUBA” for me.
Hey babe, let’s go on “ UMRAH” Together.
If you want to perform “Hajj,” you need a Mahram; I can be your Mehram.
Will you be my parsley of Tabula?
Khaatoon, you are like a full moon.
Don’t cover your face with a hijab; I want to see the owner of these enchanted eyes.
When I saw you, I said MASHALLAH.
I want to eat you like “ DAABUU.”
You are as spicy as jalapeno in shawarma.
You are my favorite flavor of green tea.
Do you want a “DATE” with green tea?
I want to enjoy dry fruits with you.
Let’s expand the ARABIAN NIGHTS together.
Let’s get married so I don’t have to look down every time you enter the room.
Muslims are expected to have a large family, and I am eager to contribute….
You can’t play basketball while wearing a hijab.
If you marry me, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.


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