55+ Angel Pick up Lines (Heaven Flirt Lines)

Are you looking for Bad Angel Pick-up Lines then you are at the right place.  All girls are innocent like an angel, Amm! In my opinion,  So if you have the same opinion try these chat-up lines for your pure crush. You can use these Tinder starters in a stylish way to get a positive response. These conversation starters have no failure. You can use them if you want to tell someone that she is otherworldly beautiful. Try these heavenly lines!

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 Cheesy Angel and Heaven Pick up Lines

It’s a nice tee. What country did it come from?.. Hmmm, I thought I spotted a tag that read “made in Heaven.
Is it true that I’m dead? I have a feeling I’m seeing angels.
Let’s get together and see Good Omens. It’ll be entertaining.
Just as in the series, an angel like you and a devil-like me are hanging out.
Is it true that I’m dead? Are you a guardian angel? I’m in a state of bliss.
Are you a package of care?  You must have plummeted from the sky.
Is it okay if I copy and paste your image? I’d like to show my friends that angels exist.
Is it true that you’re lost? I heard today that one of God’s angels is missing.
I was under the impression that Revelation ended with the Apostles. That’s strange because I believe I’m seeing a vision of Heaven.
I’m not a religious person, but if I were, I’d believe in God, After seeing you.
Why did you plummet from the sky? Was it because I prayed so fervently?
What would be your ideal job? I’d be an astronomer who studies celestial bodies. Is it possible to have too much?
I know it’s strange, but would you mind taking off your shirt? I’d like to see where you angels keep your wings hidden.
“Damn girl, do people constantly ask you for autographs?”
*Be prepared for her to ask why, because you’re the girl who gave birth to the phrase “Heaven’s missing an angel.
Hello, Angel. Will you take me to the afterlife with you?
So, do you like to spend your Christmases in front of the tree? Because that’s where angel ornaments are kept.
I used to think the whole heaven-hell idea was nonsense, but now that I’ve seen you, I’m not so sure.
So, what’s a lovely angel like you doing here on Earth?
So, how does it feel up there? Where? Of course, it’s Heaven. Isn’t that where you’re from?
What am I thinking right now? *Waiting for a response* Huh, I’m a little bummed. Angels, I thought, understood everything.
Did you get a chance to see my grandmother before you went to Heaven?
What brings you here? A day off in paradise?
I’m hoping Angels are trained in CPR since you’ve taken my breath away.

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Say something quickly! I’m curious as to how angels communicate.
Now that I’ve seen what Heaven looks like, I believe I can die content.
Is that a stairwell to the afterlife in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?
When I first saw your photo, I said to myself, “Wow, what a gorgeous angel? Isn’t he a seductive devil? But I’m certain when I gaze into your eyes. Heaven is vividly visible to me.
So, when is your return to Heaven’s curfew?
So, if people are talking behind your back about you and they see you approaching, do they still say “speech of the devil” or “speak of the angel”?
Are you a true angel, or did you drink Red Bull today?
You’ve got something on your head, huh? What? There’s a halo!
If you touch me, I’ll tell everyone that an angel has touched me!
Make a U-turn. Is there anything on your back? What? Wings of an angel!
Do you want to hear a cheesy pickup song?
Gabriel is my name, yet I am not an angel.
If you touch me, I’ll tell everyone that an angel has touched me!
I had no idea angels could fly so low.
Is it true that I’m dead? Because I believe I’ve encountered an angel.
Because you’re an angel, Heaven must exist.
Someone should contact God and inform him that he is missing an angel.
Angel-face, am I dead? Because those wings are gorgeous!
Are you a true angel, or did you drink Red Bull today?
Is it because of the red bull that you have wings, or are you simply an angel?
Are you a guardian angel? Because you’ve managed to raise me from the dead.
Hello there, lady. You must be a divine being because your eyeliner wings are lovely.
Even though I don’t believe in God, you would be the answer to all of my prayers if I did.
Is it possible that you’ve passed out on the sidewalk? Or are you my ice princess?
Something is attached to your back! (what?) Wings of an angel!
An angel like you is missing from the top of my Christmas tree.
While we dance under the nighttime sky, I want to touch your exquisite wings and flowing hair.
When you stare at me, I become as hard as a stone, like a weeping angel.
Do you consider modern Revelation to be true? Because I think I am in the presence of an angel.
With your grace and beauty, you can stretch your wings and fly me to the heavens.
Could you take off your clothes for me? I’m curious as to how an angel conceals its wings.


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