40+ Squid Game Pick Up Lines

Who doesn’t like to play games nowadays? And if that game is a squid game, then the interest increases even more. You can find various tinder starter on the internet, but these latest squid game pick-up lines will blow your mind. Squid game is a Korean drama gaming series and has gained so much popularity in different countries; if you are attending any gaming club and need some conversation starters select these cheese, hot, and confusing chat up lines and change the game.

Squid Game Pickup Lines

Just go on! Because Any player is not allowed to stop playing.
“I don’t think it would put you at a disadvantage if you just choose one. We can put all the apples in one basket,
Hey girl! “I’m alive just for you.”
Oh, babe! Nowadays, even girls go to war. So what are you waiting for; there’s not going to be that kind of expectation.”
Lol! “please don’t trust people because they are trustworthy.
Don’t trust anyone, just rely on yourself.” But if you want you can rely on me.
I know you are a good person at your heart, so just don’t do it to me, girl!
Nobody really can’t see Stars nowadays; stars sound great; good for me?
Don’t play with my life; I am not a squid game.
Playing the said game is fun, but playing with you is more interesting for me.
Let’s play a squid game together. If I lose, I will be your, and if you lose, you will be mine.
Life is like a game; you can’t play it alone.
Living is not fun; I just want to feel something before I die.
Life with money is the same as life without money, Boring!
Guess what? You’re dead!
Don’t hesitate while playing, because If you wish to give up on playing, the money will be granted to the victim’s family…
Just watching is boring for me, playing with you is more fun.
Hey babe! I’m a good player, would you like to play a game with me.
Don’t be a fool! You can’t beat me in the game.
If you want to pay up! You can use your body.
Yes, out there, I don’t need a chance to survive because I do it here.
If you want to make “a lot,” play the game.
I don’t need money; I just need you.
I’m not that one who breaks the rule for its own benefit.
Life is like a squid game. Everyone wants to kill you for their own benefit.
Hey girl! Please give me a call; we don’t have any spots left.
If you want to play this game, you need to be strong or be smart to win the game.
A stronger body is more demanding than the smarter brain
Yes, you are allowed to move forward when it’s ‘ shout out’ the Greenlight, and stop! When it’s red light, and you will be eliminated if your move is found.
You are my dad, play the game, and you can be in all the fight you want, but don’t get hurt.
It is a simple bet; all are nothing.
Squid game is more interesting than you
Squid game is more important than my life!
If we don’t start soon, they’ll kill us both.
I want to lose that thing with my style!
You can hide behind me; you won’t be caught if you hide behind me
I don’t get a reason to get out of this place, so stay with me
What a great way to go; you made all of this an exciting experience.
If you follow the rule, you can leave this place, easily with me and money.
If you’re a good player, you’re not allowed to leave this place.
I think I can convince you! Because this next game will exceed your experience.
You are a dumbass! You are eliminated
Do you want to play with me? You can help me a lot!
Don’t go back because we have already come too far to go back.
Do you know? What are the rules in hell? Because this is hell.
I want to take you somewhere where we can be alone.
Are you single? I’m ready to make the team with you.
I’ll change your life if you can satisfy me.
I tried damn hard to stay alive, to met you.
I can’t give up now because I’m playing with you.
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