[450+] English Best Pick-Up Lines Ever for Guys & Girls

Check out the best Pickup Lines for guys and girls to flirt on tinger with him or her. Try following cheesy, cute, dirty, funny, bad, smooth, Tagalog pick up lines to try on friends, husband, wife, or girlfriend even you can try on doctors as well.

Even coronavirus pickup lines are also added during quarantine days, you could try on boys or gals. Worst Lines are should be listed as per demand, because these lines you should avoid right?

Tell me if you ever found yourself in a situation like this.

You are at a party or anywhere where there are a lot of young souls having fun.

best pick up lines 2020 for guys girls flirting on tinger or public

You see this beautiful girl right there.

Slowly and gradually, without making her and her friends feel it, you get closer to the group so you can see whether she only looks good or her voice is also dipped in honey and hot chocolate.

Without letting her know, you eavesdrop on her, and oh, man, you now know what love, at first sight, feels like.

But there’s this fear; she sounds to be too out of your league, you don’t know anything about her, and now is the first and last chance to impress her or lose her forever.

Best Pick Up Lines in English for Girls

What you need in a situation like this a good pick up line. This is what this post is all about: best pick-up lines ever.

Tactful Pick-up Lines

So, we’re going to discover different types of pick-up lines and the first category is tactful lines. These lines are not only to impress her or humour her; there is a strategy behind these lines and the strategy is to win the love and attraction of the girl you love.

I’m sorry are they/this real?

This strategy depends on surprise and wrapped insult. She wants attention and you want to give it to her, but with a little insult. Refer to her lips, nails or anything and ask this question. She’s be taken aback and her reply would be on a defensive footing.

How you doin’?

I know, apparently there is nothing smart or tactful about this line, but this can be the most decent and harmless icebreaker.

Hi, sorry for disturbing you, I just wanted help with …?

This is one of the oldest tricks and again a kind of line that will not make anyone insult you. I mean who wouldn’t love to help a polite stranger? You can throw it at your girl at your university, in a café or anywhere. Help can be about food recommendation, books, notes, direction etc.

Can I buy you a drink/what are you doing this evening?

This is not the kind of pick-up line that you’d try on a complete stranger. Let us suppose that you know someone (ladies this can be for you man too), at work or where you study, you’ve had a little convo, but that was too formal. This is the line you use to take your “relationship” to the next level.

Hi, can I take your cellphone number, because I’ve lost mine?

Now, this sounds more like a usual pick-up line that people throw at others all the time, but there is a smart tactic here. In a hurry, she or he, would think that you’re asking for the cellphone, almost consider the request and then smile once fully gets it.

  1. Cheesy Pick-up Lines for Her/Him

As much as tactful pick-up lines matter, the matter of fact is that the biggest category of pick-up lines is cheesy ones. The slippery ones that people cannot resist.

Is your name Ariel? Cuz it seems were mermaid for each other.


Pop culture references: who doesn’t love them. People love you when you use some common denominator to communicate with them. A Disney girl would love this or any line from her favourite shows and movies.

Are you a magician? I cannot see anyone but you.

Cheesy indeed. But it has a logic. Every girl wants to be told that she is more attractive than others. This is what this sentence achieves: in a light and funny way.

People are catching Covid-19, but the only thing I have is feelings for you.

Best Pick Up Lines Funny
How about it? So fresh! Your loved one would be able to relate to this line and won’t help but have a smile on their face. And that’s your chance.

I’m not a photographer, but I can perfectly picture me and you together.

Best Pick Up Lines for boys
This is about imagination. The trick is to let someone know that you imagine them and yourself together. This always has a sort of reverse effect. Unintentionally, they would also imagine the same.

You cannot spell Quarantine without u r a q t.

Did you see what I did there?  Another Covid-19 joke. People love when your witty sentences and jokes are about a current situation. Also, who wouldn’t like to be called a cutie?

Aside from being beautiful, what do you do for a living?

There are two little things that this sentence achieves. You’re right! You tell him/her that they’re beautiful/handsome and who wouldn’t like to hear it? As a matter of fact, no relationship between two lovers can exist without someone saying this to the other one. And the second thing is an open-ended question. And you know what open-ended questions do; they encourage communication.

Go ahead, touch my shirt; it is made of husband/wife material.

Cheesy right? But cheesiness is not all to this sentence. This sentence actually makes use of a need that the target person feels. They want to be able to finally find husband/wife material.

Do I know you? Cuz you look a lot like my future love of the life.

When you say “Do I know you?” and stop, this would have an immediate logical effect on the listener. It would lower their guard and when they would be about to answer it, you would unleash the second sentence whose aim would be to a) make them laugh and b) well you know what happens after that.

Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by you again?

Cute Pick Up Lines for guys
This is a jolly, smart and witty first sentence to toss at the lady you want to woo. The approach is to make her laugh and thus break the ice.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, he looks awesome, but can he win a beach marathon while carrying me on his back?” And the answer is, “Hell, yeah!”

So, what is the logic behind this long and apparently awkward sentence? Well, everyone has a list of skills, tasks and achievements that their life partner should be good at. This is a way to address those questions and let her know that you’re a capable man.

People say that Disneyland is the happiest place ever. Well, I guess, they never stood next to you.

This is yet another Disneyland pick-up line. It would work with those too who do not have any association with Disneyland. Also, you can do a little research about “the lady, find out what kind of places she loves to visit and replace that place with Disneyland.

If I were a fan in your room, it’d be impossible for you to turn me off.

It is just another way of telling her that she turns you on. Who wouldn’t like to hear something like this?

I would not play hide and seek with you. You know why? Because girls like you are so hard to find.

So, this is a smart way to make someone smile. But most importantly, you’re telling her that a) she is a rare one, and b) you would not play “games with her” and you will be always with her.

Hey, my name is Windows and I’m having a crash on you.

Funny Pick Up Lines
All girls are not the same. Some of them are computer nerds and you have to approach them from that particular angle. More on this in the following sentence.

Hi, I also love MacBook, since the time we ate that “Apple” in the garden of Eden.

If your girl is a computer geek or just a geek that relies on a computer, giving her a reference of common interest would win the game for you. Also, Apple of Eden thing is a cute hint that both of you were made for each other.

Hey, I’m learning about the most important dates of history. Do you want to be one of them?

Cool, right? Also good for a history buff girl (there aren’t many).

Your, eyes are so much like IKEA. I always get lost easily.

Since we’re talking about common denominators, how about using this line for a girl who loves furniture. Also, for someone who has beautiful eyes.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re religious. Perhaps because you look like an answer to all my prayers.

Finding commonalities, eh? Throw this line at a religious girl. A non-religious girl would laugh at it and laughter is all that you need.

Camera or mirror? Cuz every time I look at you, I cannot help smiling.

This is a pretty old one, but then you’d be surprised how some old lines still work today.

If you like raisins, I bet you’d also love a date.

Dirty Pick Up Lines Ever
Now, this is a smart one. Who doesn’t like raisins? And the hint at date is simply smirk-worthy.

You must be a parking ticket; you’ve fine written all over you.

This type of sentences is pretty commonly used for one or two simple reasons. There is wordplay that she can enjoy and laugh at – and definitely, when you praise someone’s beauty, you have better than nothing chances to win their heart.

This is one dark night, but thanks God I can see one shining star.

Best Pick Up Lines for Tinder
Let us admit it; you can beat around the bush or take the romantic stance immediately. Let me tell you that it works.

Hi, I’m lost and just wanted to ask for directions. I want to go straight to your heart.

This is another trick to make someone laugh. But this is not all about laughter. The first line is a tactful way to get someone’s attention. And exactly when she’d be thinking about where you want to go, you’d drop the last line.

I will complain to Spotify; how the heck you aren’t this week’s one hot single?

This is yet another common denominator line. Those who love Spotify will get the idea of what you are talking about and enjoy this line. On top of this, she’d love being called hot.

If I could rearrange the alphabets, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys & Girls
Still better than that old and offensive “spread the word” line. The logic is just to make her feel special – coz she’s the one with whom you want to be together.

Was that you who invented the airplane? Cuz you seem just Wright for me.

Another world playline. Wright or right. Also when your first sentence is not a romantic/flattery one, you lower their guard because they take it as a usual conversation.

You must be a 45-degree angle. Cuz you’re Acute-ee.

Pick Up Lines for flirting
What if the girl you love is a math chick? This line would work on her because she’d hear something that she understands and she’d enjoy the play with the word “Acute”.

You look tired. It must be tiring running through my mind all the day.

 There is nothing special to this line, but it has a particular effect that I’ve just explained above. Start with an unromantic/unoffensive sentence, this will lower her guard and that would be the time to hit her.

Fall from the sky, fall from the tree, but the best way to do it, is in love with me.

Sort of like, “Roses are red, violets are blue ..” line. Rhyming definitely has its own effect on people. It can at least make someone smile.

Well, here I come. Now tell me about your other two wishes.

Pick Up Lines for friends
Sort of Disneyland line. Aladdin. This would definitely make someone laugh even if they never watched the movie, but they’re aware of the story.

Do I have to call the police or you’d return my heart in a civil way?

“Do I have to call the police?” Definitely not one of the tinder pick-up lines, but boy, oh, boy, would it stop her heart for a moment.

Call someone for help, because I’m about to steal your heart.

Download Cheesy Best Pick Up Lines
When you reverse engineer the line dissected above! And this one also has the same effect; it will shock them, but not in an anticipated way.

Is that an airplane in the sky or my heart is taking off?

This also has the same effect. Target girl would immediately look at the sky, but then you would shock her in a pleasant way.

I won’t mind spending months at home if you were Coronavirus.

Funny, right? But tactful too. Anything related to Corona is hot these days.

Are you somehow related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? Cuz you’re so Damme beautiful.

Men love beautiful girls and girls love macho men like Jean-Claude. So, this reference might work. But even if it doesn’t, she’d enjoy the wordplay.

Hi, would you mind if I chase you wherever you go? It’s just my parents always wanted me to chase my dreams.

Cheesy as anything, right? And this has a surprise attack element to it. You might make her angry, but then you’d say the last sentence and see a smile on her face.

When I look at you, I want to be an octopus – with all my 3 hearts beating for you and you only.

This is another cheesy statement, and just like the previous one, this also has a surprise attack although no one will get offended by it. And the last part may win the heart of your girl.

I bet your dad was a boxer or how could you be such a knockout?

This is another tactful pick-up line and one with the same strategy: a pleasant surprise in the beginning with no hint of flirting and then you move on to the last part and this is where she smiles.

I want to say God bless you, but by the looks of things he already did.

Again, same strategy. In the anticipation of what’s coming next, she’d be all ear and that’s when you would utter the last part. The logic is the same old, ancient Greek one; every woman wants to hear that she’s beautiful.

You must be Siri. You simply auto-complete me.

Isn’t this smart? Also, for iPhone/iPad fans this line has a common denominator. They’d enjoy the pun and who doesn’t want to listen when you tell them that you complete them.

You must be Google; you’ve everything I’m looking for.

This one is a melting pot of many strategies. First of all Google is a common denominator among all of us, secondly, the first part of the line aims to surprise the listener and this will lower their guard, thirdly, if your loved one is an internet geek they’d love this all the more, and lastly, when you tell them that they have everything you’ve been looking for, you definitely make a place in their heart: albeit a small one.

You’re simply perfect; if I ever change something about you, that would be your last name.

How was that? The strategy is to start the sentence with praise – so as to lower their guard and then you let them know what that was all about. It is a proposal wrapped in a joke.

Do you have a name or should I call you mine?

Did you like the twist? The first part will amaze her and the second part will make her grin.

Hey, do you know CPR? I think my heart is beating so fast while I’m looking at you.

How about this one? The question will force her to lower her guard and make her think of helping you. But then you’d drop the love bomb and that would crack a smile.

You must be made out of grapes, cuz you’re fine as a wine.

The same old tactic, but it works like a charm. Amaze her, humour her, surprise her and then let her know that you love her. It works.

You must have watched Superman, Spiderman and Batman, right? Well, now is the time you take a look at Yourman.

Isn’t this lit? In two sentences, you have so many pop-culture references that she might like (everyone has their own superhero), and you end this convo on a funny note. Every girl thinks of her partner has a superhero, so this is highly relevant.

Would you shake hands with me? I want to tell my friends that I’ve been touched by an angel.

Wouldn’t this flatter her? The technique is the same old one. You surprise her with a totally unromantic question or comment, and then you let the cat out. I don’t know a single girl who’d mind being called an angel.

If the Coronavirus doesn’t take you out, I surely will.

It is current, it is funny, it is witty and everyone can relate. So would do that girl. And in the end, you’re asking her out, which is how many relationships start.

Let us suppose that I have 4 quarters to distribute among 4 most beautiful girls in the world, I’d save time and give that dollar to you instead.

Not very smart, but it is definitely flattering. The beginning is totally unromantic, so it would compel her to indulge you and then you’d let her know what that was all about.

Hi, I was trying to focus on something else, but I’d have to admit that you distracted me. Are you a magnet or something?

You start a pick-up line with a genuine problem, situation or question and I guarantee that you’d have her attention: 100%. And that is the time to hit it when it is hot. This is what last part of this sentence achieves.

People must be sad in heaven when you left it.

This one achieves two purposes: a) it tells your girl that she’s a good one – one from the heavens, and b) it tells her that she’s worthy of people’s attention, and sadness when she leaves them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m not that good looking, but look at you.

I bet you must be waiting for this particular one. This is a cheesy couplet made for occasions like this one. It can make her giggle – if not anything else.

Is your middle name Gillette? Because it looks like you’re the best a man can get.

Now this is a surprise attack. I never knew a girl with this middle name. And exactly when she’d be thinking of what your question is all about, you’d say what you wanted to say. Every girl loves to hear good things like this.

I’m not dying, but if and when I do, I’d love to donate my heart to you.

This has the same surprise attack feeling to it. “Why are you telling me this?” But as soon as you finish the line, you’d see how easy it will break ice with her.

Is your dad in weapons manufacturing? Coz you’re such a bomb.

This is a very old pick-up line, but old is gold. The trick is the same. Opening with a totally unromantic surprise attach and just when you find her thinking about what you’ve just said, you drop the love bomb.

Let us imagine that there is no gravity on Earth; you’d still find me falling for you.

A science chick would love this line. Do your research before you pick the pick-up line. The trick is the same. You start your convo with a simple opening and then comes the real pick-up line with all its cheesiness.

Your eyes are bluer than any ocean, and I love the idea of getting lost at sea.

Unlike many other pick-up lines, I have shared, this one does not beat around the bush; it immediately lets the target woman know that you love her. Unlike other lines, this one’s last part is intended to normalize the romantic offensive used in the first part.

I don’t really buy the whole love at first sight thing, but it seems you’re an exception.

What do you need to win the love of a woman? You need to win her attention and nothing does that better than a sincere one-on-one conversation. This is what the first part of this pick-up line achieves, but the last part is where you twist the line with a pleasant surprise.

Is the sun finally out or you just smiled at me?

This one is an old pick-up line, but it still works like a charm. The reason mainly is the most successful tactic that this line employs; start the convo with a neutral topic and then suddenly turn it into a pick-up line.

Girl, you’re so beautiful that I feel like planting you to grow a lot of you.

Not a very successful line, but no one knows what might work out for them. Letting a girl know that she’s beautiful and that you need more of her is definitely not a bad strategy.

If you were a burger, I bet you’d be called McGorgeous!

That’s a strange line and it can offend some girl who is an absolute stranger. But if you’ve been doing some “warm prospecting”, you might get success with this line, because it is funny and funny is the key of awesome.

Facebook must invent a smile emoji and that should look exactly like your smile. It’s irresistible.

Now, you might think that this line is boring but think of a chick who loves Facebook and enjoys using Facebook reactions. Besides, who does not like being told that their smile is irresistible?

Have a date with me if I’m wrong, but it is still the Ice Age, isn’t it?

Did you see how smart this line was? Either she would admit that it is still the Ice Age or she’d let you take her on a date with you. It is all linked with whether you’re wrong or right and you know that in this example, you’d be wrong.

I bet you bleach your teeth or how could the entire room lit up every time you smile?

As you can see, the first sentence is a surprise attack. She’d be like,  “Are you nuts? Who bleaches their teeth?”, but then she’d realize that you’re just complimenting her smile. That would be your chance to win her heart.

Excuse me, you must be a bank, coz you’ve got my interest.

Smart and catchy, isn’t it? Well, this is the same idea in a different way. You surprise them with a weird statement and once their guard is lowered, you come to the point.

Hi, do you have bandage? It seems I’ve hurt my knees falling for you.

You’re getting the pattern, don’t you? When you ask a girl if she had a bandage, her immediate natural response should be either looking at you (to find out where you’ve hurt yourself) or she’d immediately check her bag. And imagine cracking this line exactly then and there – she’d definitely have a good laughter.

Hi, you’re so pretty and people call me cute. If we marry, we’d be pretty cute.

Now, there is nothing too smart or clever about this line. It is just a simple attempt to make her smile and you know how many doors a single smile can open.

You look gorgeous, but you’d look even better if you were in my car.

Again, no rocket science here. You start this line with praising her – it is an honest approach with a hint that you’d love to date her.

You’re so sweet that the chocolate industry is going out of business.

Another not so clever sentence, starting with open praise, but that little grin-worthy ending can definitely get you what you want.

“I’m sorry, did you just say something to me?” “No, I didn’t.” “Well, why don’t you say something now?”

This is a quite different example. In order for this to work, there must be a reply from her, but that’s a certainty because everyone would say either yes or no to such a question. The key is to smile and then utter the last part.

You must’ve hurt yourself. I mean when you fell from heaven.

A surprise attack + a smile-worthy last part is the best recipe when it comes to pick-up lines. Take this one for example; also, everyone loves to think of themselves as ex-heaven dwellers.

Hi, have you ever been living near a racetrack or something? Cuz you have just as many curves as a racetrack has.

Imagine looking at someone, going straight to them and asking them if they’ve been living at … What should be a natural response? This is an icebreaker so people usually start with it. But at the exact time, when she’d be about to tell you otherwise, you’d say the last sentence and see her breaking out into world’s most beautiful laughter.

Hi, if nothing lasts forever, would you please be my nothing?

Now, this is smart. At least it will make her smile if not make her yours forever.

Hey, I won’t say that I’m a mathematician but lemme tell you that I’m pretty darn good at numbers. Gimme your phone number and see what I can do with it.

If you were told that machomen are all that girls like, it was wrong. Girls appreciate brilliance more than muscles. And when you’d use a funny as well as a smart line like this, you would definitely impress her.

Hi, aren’t you from Tennessee? Cuz in this room you’re the only ten I see.

Call it pun or wordplay or whatever you wanna call, but it works – 90 out of 100 times. This line is brilliant at so many levels. Apart from pun and wordplay, you use the best technique; start from a general question or a statement that would always elicit a response and then take a 90-degree turn to make her smile.

  1. Funny Pick up Lines for Tinger and Real life

I know, it was kind of miss and match deal and there were many funny lines in the selection so far, but in case funny is all that you want, waste no more time and read these funny as **** lines.

Hi, would you like to be my only hope? Especially if the ‘p’ is silent?

Want to see her laughing and willing to consider you seriously? Try this funny line. It is a classic example of polite surprise + amorous attack recipe.

Hi, aren’t you French? Cuz Eiffel for you.

Now how was that? You ask a sort of question that would always elicit a response. But let me tell you what’s best about it; doesn’t matter whether she says yes or no, you’d always be able to use the funniest part of this line.

4 + 4 = 8, but you + me = fate.

Go to her and say it just like it or just text this sentence to her. It’d work 2x if she’s a math geek, but even if she’s not, she’d enjoy this sentence. The smirk is guaranteed.

Hi, there is something wrong with my cell phone, can you fix it? It does not have your number in it.

Smart, not just funny! The question would definitely elicit a response and that would be your chance to shine, homeboy!

You must be aware of how terms and conditions go, aren’t you? Cuz whatever you say, I immediately agree to it.

Another laugh-worthy pick-up line. The trick is the same. Ask a question, make sure it is unromantic, it is general and it evokes a response. And then you come up with the funny, witty and romantic part.

I’m sorry is this a museum? You definitely look like a masterpiece from Picasso.

Smart and funny and witty! The technique as you must have guessed is the same one. Just when she’d be about to correct you, you’d say the last part and make her smile. Plus, every girl wants to be told that she’s beautiful and she looks like a work of art.

It must’ve hurt when you fell from the vending machine; you definitely look like a snack.

Now, this is a little bit risky, but funny indeed. The first part is where you might offend her because it is not a general statement or question. So, what you need to do is immediately say the last part and make her feel good about her.

“Hi, you must’ve got your license suspended.” “Wait, what? No!” “Well, you drive all the guys crazy.”

Just like another example that we’ve discussed before, this one relies on her not getting offended and replying to your question. And if she does, you can explain the question and make her laugh. But that’s an if.

Aren’t you just like barbed wire? Cuz I can’t get over you.

Same as the one discussed above, this one is tricky because no girl would like to be referred to as barbed wire. They like rose petals and stuff. So, you’d have to immediately twist the line with a compliment. And she’d definitely like it – even if not apparent.

Wow, it looks like you’ve come fresh out of the oven. So hot!

This one is surely fun, but there is nothing too smart or clever about it. It is sort of 50/50 deal. Either it will work or not. Chances are equal.

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So, this was it.

Our collection of tactful, cheesy and funny pick-up lines. There were some dirty pick-up lines too, but you bet that they work.

Why don’t you write back to us as to which of these cute pick-up lines you loved the most?

And, before we finish this post, here are a few words of caution.

There is nothing like bad pick-up lines; it is all about the situation. A situation can be good or bad. Your preparation, homework and “prospecting” can be good or bad.

Even the worst pick-up lines will work if you’ve done your homework.

The last and very important message for the reader is to use these lines only if you want to establish a sincere relationship – like making someone your life-partner. Women aren’t toys; they deserve our love and respect.

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